More than 2,000 athletes apply for Zimbabwean Government’s COVID-19 relief fund

More than 2,000 athletes have been approved to receive the ZimbabweanGovernment's COVID-19 relief fund.

A total of 2,328 athletes have been approved to receive the fund, as reported by The Herald.

Launched on July 10, the fund is set to help registered national sport associations, academies, athletes support personnel, individual athletes and community clubs during the global health crisis.

The Zimbabwean Government has committed z$10 million (£21.5 million/$2.7 million/€23.3 million) towards it.

Athletes will be paid based on a three-tier system.

Elite teams with realistic medal winning capabilities at World Championships, Olympics, Paralympics, or other major games are expected to receive the most amount of money, while those with a chance of earning continental honours are in the second tier.

Community clubs and academies are in the third tier and are set to receive the smallest amount of payment.

Kirsty Coventry has been speaking to athletes about the Zimbabwean Government's COVID-19 relief fund ©Getty Images
Kirsty Coventry has been speaking to athletes about the Zimbabwean Government’s COVID-19 relief fund ©Getty Images

Some of Zimbabwe’s boxers and wrestlers have already been able to receive their share of the fund.

Zimbabwe’s Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Minister, former Olympic swimmer and International Olympic Committee member Kirsty Coventry travelled round the country to encourage athletes to apply.

“We know that this is a small amount but we hope that this can help in some way that you see fit but we are trying to do more for you,” she said

“It may not be in terms of more money but, maybe, in getting more recreational space so that you all have platforms to share, learn and to teach others.

“You are all ambassadors and we have to give you better platforms.

“No one will be left behind.”

Zimbabwe has reported more than 7,500 cases of coronavirus, resulting in 224 deaths.

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