Zim youths robbed of their future

HOPES of a better tomorrow continue to fade among Zimbabwean youths owing to the continued economic, social and political crises in the country.

Youth Forum Zimbabwe noted that the continued perpetration of human rights abuses in Zimbabwe dents prospects of Zimbabwe getting out of its multi faceted crisis and this paints a bleak future for the youths.

“This generations’ future is being stolen by massive political, economic and social mayhems. The government has failed to institute both political and economic reforms that speak to a better future. Our future has been robbed,” said YFZ Director, Ashton Bumhira.

He said that the militarisation of key state institutions continues to stifle the democratic space in Zimbabwe.

“Civic space continues to shrink at greatest speed and civic society activists and human rights defenders are struggling to play the watchdog role. Human rights defenders are being persecuted for doing their duties,” said Bumhira.

According to Bumhira, the Zimbabwean crisis requires a genuine all stakeholders dialogue. He blamed the government for implementing piecemeal reforms and failing to come up with holistic approaches to the problems facing Zimbabwean youths.

CiZC position– “The Zimbabwean crisis is a call for youths to coalesce, find common ground and come up with a collective approach to issues that affect them collectively. It is imperative for the youths to resist political manipulation and unite in dealing with issues that affect them.”

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