Different Types of Football Bets You Can Place (For Beginners)

With thousands of football fans all over the world, football has become a popular sport to bet on amongst punters.

Compared to watching live matches and keeping up with the latest football news, football betting is a better way to get in on the action during a match. Before you start placing bets, it’s important to know the basics. In this article, learn all about the different types of bets you can make like over 2.5 predictions to football accumulators.

A successful sports betting career boils down to the betting decisions you make. To help guide you, here’s a quick crash course on the most popular types of bets in online football betting, keep on reading.

Full-Time Result

One of the most common football bets you’ll come across. This football bet is all about the end of the match result. To keep it simple, full-time result bets is predicting whether the result at the end will be one of the three outcomes:

  • Team A wins the match
  • Team B wins the match
  • Team A and B draw

Full-time result bets are one of the lesser complicated betting types as the outcomes are straightforward. To win the bet, the results must reflect you final prediction. So, if you bet on team A, you’ll end up losing if the results end as a draw or if team B wins.

Football Accumulator

Another popular football bet is football accumulator bets also known as ‘acca’ bets. Acca bets allow you to combine bets from different games into one bet. This increases your chances of a bigger payout. For example, you can place multiple full-time results bets together in a football accumulator and predict each game’s final outcome.

Although football accumulators can increase your chances of winning, don’t be too greedy and place as many bets as you desire. Also, to ensure that you’re betting smart, bet with a reliable bookmaker for football accumulators.


Under/over bets come as two option bets, whether the result will be more or less than the number of goals quoted. Typically under/over bets are greater or lesser than 2.5 goals. What makes this a popular bet among punters is due to its simplicity.

Predicting that team will win 3 or more goals or lose with fewer amount goals is a less specific prediction to make. Whether you’re predicting high or low scores, it all depends on the end result.

HT/FT (Half-time of Full-time)

HT/FT (double result bets) is a type of bet where your predicting two results in the same bet, during the half-time and full time. You need to predict who’s gonna win at half-time and at the end of the game.

Here are the different combinations of HT/FT predictions:

FT Winner HT Winner
Home Team Home Team
Home Team Draw
Home Team Away Team
Draw Draw
Draw Home Team
Draw Away Team
Away Team Away Team
Away Team Draw
Away Team Home Team


Double result bets aren’t numbers specific. It’s important to remember that HT/FT bets don’t depend on the final scores, it’s all about which team wins at the end.

As you start your career in football betting, you’ll come across other types of football bets that might or might not work for you. By taking a look at the abovementioned football betting types, you can get a gist of the type of strategies and options you have. Because when it comes to online sports betting, it’s important to make smart betting decisions.

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