President addresses nation, opens Ninth Parliament

We do hereby present to you a summary of President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s State of the Nationa Address (SONA)

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa addresses the media at State House in Harare, Zimbabwe, March, 17, 2020. © 2020 AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi

The plight of civil servants will be addressed to the best of his government’s ability and an unemployment benefit fund to cover workers after retrenchment or during disasters is being worked on

Government is working on prioritising the fight against corruption and no one is above the law

Government will ratify the Minamata Convention which bans the use of mercury in gold mining

Government is going to launch a Sports bill that deals with competition manipulation, doping and illegal sports betting

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Government will soon roll out the Presidential Horticultural scheme

The third session is expected to complete the outstanding media bills

Enactment of the Cyber Security bill is being enhanced

Finalisation of the Citizenship and Immigration amendment bills and the Police Act

The prevalence of abuse and violence against children places a demand on government to quickly guarantee their protection. As such the Children’s Amendment bill must be quickly passed.

Criminal justice system is urged to impose deterrent sentences to perpetrators of heinous and evil acts against children.

Conduct of NGOs and Private Voluntary Organisations (PVOs) operating outside their mandates and out of sync with government’s humanitarian programmes remain a cause for concern.

The Private Voluntary Organisations amendment bill to revamp the administration of NGOs and PVOs to correct the current anomalies is on the cards.

We are Zimbabweans and we are on a new modern prosperous path. Be partners in this journey by being thorough in all our actions

We are stronger when we work together no matter the obstacles. Let us seek to promote national interests

Third session of the 9th Parliament of Zimbabwe is now duly opened.

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