Zimbabwean’s to be barred from travel?

Earlier on in this year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) had issued a warning to Zimbabwe that should the government fail to comply with WHO regulations on Covid 19 infections, Zimbabweans would face travel bans which were put in place on Tanzanian's who were now barred from entering neighbouring Uganda.

President Cyril Ramaphosa assured his nation that all borders would open today 1st October but the Zimbabwe government have announced that all borders remain closed.

My first thought was that we have become more of a communist state than a so called democratic state.
During the cold war the Soviets made it extremely difficult for citizens to travel outside the Soviet Union this included East Germany which was under the Soviets.

Any citizen wishing to travel to West Germany had to do so under strict regulations,no families could travel together.

This as well applied in Argentina and Cuba.
Though communism collapsed when the Berlin Wall was demolished countries like North Korea still practice harsh laws pertaining to travel.

Less than 30 000 North Koreans are allowed to travel outside their country, again no families are permitted to travel together.

I hope that I am wrong to think that we as Zimbabweans will face the same, since the collapse of the economy as early as 2000/2001 millions of Zimbabweans survive on the cross border sector.
South Africa
have over the last decade seen thousands of our people have crossed into these countries but the truth is many of those never return.

There is no exact estimate of how many in the millions are now living in neighbouring states but a close estimate is that over 3 M live in South Africa.

Botawana and Zambia estimated over more than 1 M.
Government are aware that our people continue to flee the country their plan to use drones will not stop any illegal crossings.

South Africa has announced strict travel regulations and this is going to make life for Zimbabweans even more difficult and this will see no end to both border jumping and smuggling.

The issue of Covid 19 is now more political motivated than anything else and sooner or later this too will pass as the continued presence of police and army is no longer sustainable yet government will not admit this.
Zimbabweans continue to face daily challenges and this includes those in the civil service.

Zimbabwe is not part of North Korea and why all of a sudden it is now a challenge to travel will not work at all.
During the years of Rhodesia, Rhodesians face travel bans but there were countries that allowed for Rhodesians to travel to South Africa Israel Portugal we now live in Zimbabwe and we are now facing travel bans to almost everywhere and this can only be politically motivated.

One wonders how a country like Zimbabwe has gotten to this state, all we hear is how illegal sanctions are the cause when we all know the cause.
Zimbabwe is supposedly democratic but governments actions show otherwise.

We need to continue living in hope that just as the Berlin Wall was brought down so will the wall that is being built by those trying to keep citizens in check.

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