New Office for Zimbabwe Chess Federation

Zimbabwe chess Federation has opened some new offices at the Joina City. This is a very positive move in the development of chess as it brings some ease in the chess administration of the game throughout the country.

This becomes the epicenter for chess development and brings about the much needed development as well as professionalism in the game management moving in the mold of Botswana Chess federation. The Office will be opened with effect from today the 2nd of November. Welcome development from Dr. Collen Tongowona and his team which was applauded by the chess fraternity as a whole. Madamombe of the Zimbabwe Chess Foundation was very happy to hear about the good news as this is a step in the right direction. The office will be opened from 0800 – 1600 hours. This office will be manned for the whole day with some personnel in the offices. The prestigious office is housed in the Joina City which by its look attracts a lot of people and is very central in terms of position.

Pleased to hear of this development so were other players and fans. Emarald Mushore applauded the move and also congratulated the team for a move in the positive direction. Gift Sithole said, “Nice offices.” The writer was also very pleased and thrilled at the same time as this gives chess a better chance for development. Forward with development. Some more good news coming from the ZCF is that there is a new Secretary General Mr Todd Mapingire who takes the reins from Mr Clive Mpambela who stepped down sometime in March.

The new way of life has introduced live online chess games which are the order of the day. Harare Chess league

Has introduced some online chess games which entertain chess players. They have hosted these tournament for some time

Now since the inception of the lock-down regulations resulting from the Corona pandemic which has ravaged the world and has

Shaken the world with death tremors as well as illnesses. The HCL introduced some blitz games online games which were played from

2000 hours to 2200 hours. These will be two hours of chess entertaining the hunger of the chess fraternity that is yearning for over the

Board chess since the relaxation of the lockdown regulations. These are usually 3 minute blitz games with no increment. The fast players

Carry the day. Gift Sithole was the winner of the 23rd Prize winner pocketing 415 RTGs in second place was Emmanuel Gwatiringa pocketing 415 RTGs while Kudakwashe Sibanda came third pocketing 290 RTGs and finally Prosper Mateveke won 215 RTGs. These players will be having some pseudo names and the one for Gift Sithole is Mafirakureva, mmanuel Gwatiringa is First is Love, Kudakwashe Sibanda-Aaryastark and Prosper Mateveke-Sirmat .Gift Sithole’s performance rating was 2404, his win rate was 71 percent, berseck rate 75 percent, his total games played were 28 and he amassed 77 points. The above were the winners in the open section of the tournament.

In the ladies section Woman Candidate Master Kudzanayi Charinda was the best lady winning 250 RTGs. In second position was another national team player Linda Shaba who pocketed 195 RTGs while Ropafadzo Dube came third pocketing 165 RTGs. The lucky numbers for the week were Zhetov- Brenda Kwembeya who won 125 RTGs  and Elijah Manzungu popularly known as emperormanzungu also won 125 RTGs. The above were the winners for the past weekend and more games to come this coming weekend. Coach Ben and his team are trying their level best to promote chess from the grassroots through their weekly tournaments. HCL and Munashe Ziome sponsored the tournament which was successful.

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