Zimbabwe impressed in online Olympiad chess Championships 2020

Zimbabwe is taking part in the inaugural fide online Olympiad chess championships for the disabled.

This is a very important tournament which shows a lot of inclusivity and hence the moves played by these

Players are not weak but can actually be stronger than most able bodied players. One can say that in chess

what counts is how strong your ideas are. Physical differences due to age and sex are not an impediment to

battle over the board. Fide President Arkady Dvorkovich asserts that, “chess is winning against obstacles and challenges’

you already won against challenges . You are great people I wish you health and all the luck.” The online tournament

started on the 21st of November and will be ending on the 3rd of December which coincides with the International

Day of persons with disabilities a day which is recognized by the United Nations hence it becomes an important day for

The players. Zimbabwe chess team is comprised of the following: Tapiwa Gora, Onai Chikafu, Natasha Shoniwa and Tafadzwa

Mashonganyika. So far Zimbabwe played five rounds in round one they lost to Chile 3-1 and Tapiwa Gora was the only winner.

Round two Zimbabwe played against lost to Karzakstan before drawing against Mongolia in round three. Tapiwa Gora and Onai

Chikafu saved the team as they won their games which earned Zimbabwe some very crucial points against Mongolia. In round four

Zimbabwe played against Mali our fellow African country and Zimbabwe won 3-1 in that game which was a great result for the team.

In round five Zimbabwe played against played against Romania and they drew 2-2. The winners again were Tapiwa Gora and Onai Chikafu.

Zimbabwe then fell like a deck of cards in the sixth round on the 26th of November against Spain when the team was whitewashed four nil

In an excruciating encounter which was a tantalizing match. Their games are online 25 minutes plus 10 seconds and the players are battling over the computers in these excruciating encounters which are also inaugural games introduced due to Covid-19 restrictions. This is the new

Normal as the players battle with the machines without their assistance in coming up with the best players. Sixty-one teams from forty-one

Countries are taking part. Among these players are also Grand Masters who have some disabilities and fire on board is exploding as they meet

With their compatriots who are physically challenged. Zimbabwe’s participation is a historical one as the country participated in this tournament for the first time. The online tournament has brought the global village together in their respective countries but through the touch of the laptop buttons the chess world became frenzy and busy in the inaugural online Olympiad chess championships which is also

Rapid and a once in a life time opportunity. International Arbiter Simbarashe Murimi was the team Captain.The tournament will be a seven round tourney.

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