So, Dr. Khupe, you can willy-nilly appoint people who are supposed to be elected by Congress, yet Tsvangirai could not?

Dear Editor,

MDC-T Vice President Thokozani Khupe


Reading from a local daily publication, my attention was drawn to a passage which read:

“Mwonzora’s team protested over Khupe’s gap-filling which brought in her backers, treasurer-general Chief Ndlovu and spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni. Khupe referred to a part of the constitution that empowers her as party leader to appoint members to key posts to avoid avoid”

Section of The 2014 Constitution of the MDC reads

“The National Standing Committee shall compose of the following office bearers elected by Congress: (a) The President; (b) The Deputy Presidents; (c) The National Chairperson; (d) The Deputy National Chairperson; (e) The Secretary-General; (f) The Treasurer General; (g) National Organising Secretary; (h) Secretary for Information and Publicity; (i) Chairperson of the Youth Assembly; (j) Chairperson of the Women’s Assembly; and (k) The Secretary for Elections who shall be appointed by the President*.

So of all the officials appointed by Dr. Khupe to the Standing Committee, only the Secretary for elections was justifiably appointed. So all the preparations which have been coordinated by the “Standing Committee” and any role that the “National Council” has played in the preparations for the Extra-ordinary Congress because those organs have not been properly constituted. So whatever is being planned is null and void, there is no constitutionally prepared Extra-Ordinary Congress that will take place, and the MDC-T led by Dr. Khupe as at the Congress held in Bulawayo in 2018, and the MDC Alliance led by Advocate Chamisa should automatically revert to their pre-Constitutional Court Judgement. All Parliamentarians and Councillors recalled by Senator Douglas Mwonzora and Dr. Khupe should be restored to their pre-Constitutional Court judgement positions

Both Senator Mwonzora, if he made replacements to the structures as discussed in the stupid WhatsApp Council meeting; and Dr. Khupe, if she appointed a Secretary for Information and Publicity and a Treasurer, among other officials, behaved unconstitutionally, bringing the name of the Party into disrepute and have expelled themselves from the Party.

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