Waterfalls School of Chess to have online chess lessons

Waterfalls school of chess

  • Offers online chess coaching
  • Over the board chess coaching
  • Get a Fide Certified coach
  • Former National Junior team Coach
  • International organizer
  • Fide Arbiter
  • Let your kids get the knowledge from the tried and tested Coach who has produced some tremendous results, locally and Internationally at school level and National level.
  • Contact details: 0715477220/ 0773210741
  • Email: [email protected]

The author is an ardent chess coach as well as a player and coordinator. Chess lessons will be offered by yours truly during this vacation and even after. To stay safe we are going to be following some covid-19 guidelines and ensure that there is some ambience and well-coordinated lessons of repute. The trainer is a well qualified Fide trained and certified Coach, also another badge on the sleeve is the International Organizer jacket which is well buttressed by the Arbiter’s badge. The school of chess will be officially launched sometime next year under proper conditions. At the moment the Coaching will be done online.

For those outside the country who would like to have some lessons they can get in touch with the trainer on +263773210741 or on +263715477220. Our School of chess is a very big one and we are going to produce and provide some national team players of repute. Like an eagle we shall mount and the visionary’s perspective is to have the school of chess as a fully fledged organisation in all the provinces and we will decentralise.

The online chess lessons will commence from the 29th of December 2020-3rd of January 2021. Wishing all the readers a covid-19 free holiday. Stay safe. Sanitize, social distancing and mask up to prevent Covid-19 follow the government as well as the World Health Organisation guidelines.

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