Fight corruption and support the poor during the 2021 COVID-19 lockdown

ACT urges the government of Zimbabwe

The Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT) is deeply concerned with corruption and poor decisions by the Government of Zimbabwe that put people at the risk of dying enmasse due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Firstly, the indigent sector of society (the poor) such as the vendors have been forced to close and stay at home in line with the recently announced Covid-19 restrictions. However, the same government did not offer them any form of support regardless of knowing that they live from ‘hand to mouth’. It is crystal clear that hunger will force these vendors to venture outdoors lest they starve to death. In 2020, the same government offered to give money but names of politically exposed persons appeared on the list in Kwekwe. That said the government is strongly urged to support all those forced to close and stay indoors. In the absence of support hungry people are not going to stay indoors.

Secondly, ACT has information that businesses owned by high profile individuals are operating hassle-free against the Covid-19 restrictions. Against all this lawlessness, the law enforcement agents are giving a blind eye and in some cases receiving bribes to give a blind eye. There is free movement of people without travel permits in and out of the country and towns/cities because of corruption.

That said ACT urges the government to consider the following
1- Provide support to all sectors of society that have been forced to close and stay at home due to the Covid-19 induced lockdown
2- Monitor and take action against corruption that has the potential of worsening the spreading of the pandemic
3- Enforce the Covid-19 restrictions indiscriminately without favouring well connected individuals

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