Easter Open over the board is back in 2021!

Easter Open is back with a bang. After the suspension of over the board games with the Advent of Covid-19, over the board chess was a thing of the past.

However after the lifting of the suspension the zeal of the real opponent not virtually is back. The tournament will have sections of different categories. The stakes are high in this tournament as the sweat and emotions will be there with the psychology and chess philosophy will be at work. It is pulsating to unleash a successful combination after sacrificing for a mate.

The happiness associated with the real games is back though with restricted numbers. So the earliest bird catches the fattest work and failure to register on time will result in loss of activity to those who want to be part of this secretary General Todd Mapingire opined that,” the ZCF annual traditional Easter tournament is back after a year of absence. The 2021 Easter tournament is unique as it is being held in a Covid lockdown period. The participants will be limited per all sections available due to Covid regulations.” He also thanked the sponsors who made the organisation and realization of the tournament after a long lay off due to Covid restrictions. The tournament will be having three sections namely: open section which only has 80 slots, Ladies section 20 slots and finally the Development section has 30 slots. The Development Section is going to have young players under the age of 16. The tournament will give priority to affiliated players as the tournament is going to be oversubscribed.

The affiliated players in the Development section will pay $3.00 or equivalent in Zim dollars which is $252 ZWL dollars. Players can register either online or go to Joina City on 16th floor for registration if one wants to pay cash. The Open section will pay $420 if affiliated and $1260 to non-affiliated players,same amount will be paid for the ladies section. They can also get in touch with Treasurer Lloyd Moyo on 0773671404 for more details of registration. Those who fail to meet the deadline will not play round one as only those registered will be paired for round one. The Chief Arbiter for the event will be IA Simbarashe Murimi who will be assisted by FA Chimbamu and NA Jarmil Ndoro. The tournament will be a rated one with 8 rounds of play starting from the 2nd-4th of April that is, during the Easter Holiday period. To the games will start at 0830. There will three rounds of play on the first day, three rounds on day two and finally two rounds on the final day which will also have prize-giving ceremony taking place.  There will be some exemptions to these titled players: GMs, WGMs, IMs,WIMs, FMs or WFMs will not pay registration fees. The winner of the Open Section will walk away with $400 USD, $250USD for ladies winner whilst the winner in the Development Section will walk away with Trophy, chess set, mesal and certificate. Moreso there will be some consolation prizes for the madalas that is, the best madala and second-best madala will walk away with $50 and $30 respectively. The winners will get their prizes as the prevailing rate of the day to the US dollar in local currency. There was a team that we as behind the scenes and the team.include the following:

ZCF President Dr. C Tongowona
Organizer- Mucha Mukanganwi
Health and Wellness- Dr. Jabulani Mahoso,
Marketing- Clive Mpambela
Publicity- Elisha Thabo
Security-George Mashavave
Tournament Director- Fungirayini Mushaninga
Treasurer- Lloyd Moyo

Secretary General- Todd Mapingire.

The above was the tournament Committee which ensured that the tournament will be a successful one. We hope that the tournament will produce some fireworks on board. Covid-19 regulations will be adhered to before, during and after the tournament to ensure that the tournament is run smoothly without any glitches and hitches. The best chess will be displayed over the checkered boards as players come back to real chess, unlike virtual chess which had become the new normal. There is a chess league currently running online and there will be some changes in the set-up as the players are switching to over the board this Easter. Exciting live chess awaits publication as the swords are being sharpened for the much-awaited bobber the board chess games as the games begin! Roy Mwadzura has confirmed his presence during this tournament as he registered for the tournament. Exciting times ahead in Zimbabwe chess as all the combinations and manuals will be unravelled as players fight for the much-coveted Easter Open Title and the first prize. Ladies section is. likely to feature Linda Shaba who was on fire in a recent online chess tournament that was hosted by ACC and she came a credible fourth. We will be there to see if Cyril Chigodo’s rapid chess performance will carry the day in this tournament which is an hour and five seconds from move one. The venue for the tournament will be Joina City and the place is just good a venue with an ambience typical of chess playing. Kudos to ZCF for the good venue.  Pairings published on www.chess-results.com.

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