So, Comrade Mwonzora, this brazen intimidation by Comrade Mnangagwa is what you praise him for

Dear Comrade Mwonzora,

Douglas Mwonzora

Your sudden love for the merchants of intimidation of the oppressed people of Zimbabwe has surprised many. Interestingly, you were tagged on the tweeter which distributed this video recording of William Mutomba threatening defenceless villagers in Buhera in the run-up to the 2018 elections. Comrade Mnangagwa was the President of Zimbabwe then, and he obviously was aware of this brazen intimidation of people to vote for him to be President. Comrade Mnangagwa claims to have won a free and fair election in 2018, and you endorse that and unashamedly call him his Excellency.

Comrade Mnangagwa has not lifted a finger to deal with these political thugs, so I personally think he does not deserve the praise that you give him. Whichever way you may want to take it, the oppressed people of Zimbabwe who are subjected to such threats and humiliation see you as a sell-out who has sold out, and see you as a Zanu PF project because you are bootlicking the man who was in charge when they were being subjected to such treatment. This was the practice in all rural areas, and the majority of the population lives in the rural areas.

William Mutomba was here telling the villagers in that video that all people who will vote for the MDC will be severely dealt with. And you claim to be the MDC leader of the people who were being harassed in this fashion by Comrade Mnangagwa’s agents. You are so heartless by endorsing the person whose agents terrorised MDC supporters while you claim to be the leader of the party that contested the election in 2018.

You say you hate the politics of hate, how would you describe that scene playing in the video of William Mutomba terrorising villagers? Do you see William Mutomba pampering those petrified villagers with love? Can you not the fear on the faces of those women in the crowd, even though they are ululating to save their lives? Is that the Zimbabweans first culture that is the ideal politics which? Is that not the politics of rancor which is being demonstrated by William Mutomba? If Comrade Mnangagwa loved the people who are being terrorised by William Mutomba in that video, why hasn’t he up to date not made a statement against his violent gangs? Why haven’t those people been arrested?  William Mutomba was working for Comrade Mnangagwa there. He was rigging the election for Comrade Mnangagwa. In the eyes of the oppressed Zimbabweans, you have sold out, and be your own judge.

Every right-thinking genuine opposition leader should be rebuking such barbaric practice publicly. And you chose to publicly bootlick Comrade Mnangagwa, instead of publicly rebuking such in front of Comrade Mnangagwa, just in case he was not aware of such heinous and wicked acts, but I think he of cause knows very well this is how he got into power, and it suits him.

But Zimbabweans now know that you are bootlicking Comrade Mnangagwa with the hope that you escape arrest for your alleged money laundering of taxpayers’ money. It is worrying in a country that purports to be fighting corruption when reports to police take long to be investigated when evidence has been provided of acts of money laundering. That is the Zanu PF government and its surrogates at work.

Comrade Mwonzora, you are a big disappointment, and I will be venting my anger on your acts of condoning Zanu PF violence and intimidation.

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