Correction of Zimbabwe history

The Zimbabwe African Peoples Union (ZAPU) never had a Military Command Structure called Special Affairs.

Phelekezela Mphoko


The name Special Affairs was a Code name for the Armed Struggle, which ZAPU, (under the guise of The People’s Caretaker Council) had decided to undertake, as one of the Resolutions at Cold Comfort Farm, in August 1963. I attended the Congress as a Youth Delegate.

In Rhodesia, you could not talk about an armed struggle and avoid being arrested and charged with treason.

Comrade William Mukarate was appointed as Chairman of the Special Affairs Committee, in the President’s Office.

The task of the Special Affairs Committee was to source International assistance and build an army for the armed Struggle.

Comrade Mukarate, did not form part of the external wing of ZAPU. Instead five members of the National Executive Committee formed the external wing of ZAPU, being James Chikerema, Jason Moyo, George Nyandoro, George Silundika, and Edward Ndlovu.

The first militatry structure of ZAPU, was therefore The Military Planning Committee, formed in March 1965, Commanded by:

Akim Ndlovu,

Robson Manyika- Chief of Staff

Abraham Nkiwane- Transport

Ambrose Mutinhiri-Training

Phelekezela Mphoko-Chief of Logistics.

The Military Planning Committee, is the Command that fought Joint Combat Operations with Umkhontho-Wesize (MK) during the Wankie and Sipolilo operations, in 1967 and 1968 respectively. I pesonally Camp Commanded the Joint Combat rehearsal for the Wankie operations at Dan-Nang base Luthuli farm.


The Wankie operations of 1967, were responsible for the internal crisis within ZAPU. James Chikerema and others felt that the alliance between ZAPU and the ANC was a tribal re-union.

James Chikerema, then formed the Front for the Liberation of Zimbabwe (FROLIZ).

After the departure of James Chikerema and George Nyandoro, the remaining members of the National Executive Committee of ZAPU, Jason Moyo George Silundika and Edward Ndlovu, decided to replace the External Wing of ZAPU by forming a Revolutionary Council which included the ZPRA Command, the Security Department, Labour Movement, and the Department of information.

The military was also reorganised, and ZPRA was formed to replace The Military Planning Committee. The Commander of ZPRA was Jason Moyo, and Rogers Mangena was CS-0: Chief of Staff:

CS-1:Lookout Masuku- Political Commissar

CS-2: Gordon Mnyanyi- Chief of Intelligence

CS-3: Sotsha Ngwenya:(JD) Chief of Operations

CS-4: Phelekezela Mphoko: Chief of Logistics and Supplies

CS-5:Cephas Cephas Cell: Chief of Personnel and Training.

The authentic ZPRA, is ZPR, not

ZIPRA with an I. The origine of I (zipra) was a Rhodesian and internal creation and a conspiracy that wanted to replace ZPRA.

(Details in book).

Phelekezela Mphoko: (Zimbabwe former Vice President)

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