Guns & roses

Documenting the story of a country where the gun leads the politics, where roses represent, not love, but leaders who have lost their ideals,

Guns represent war, conflict, destruction and death and in Zimbabwe, the gun had
led politics instead of the reverse. This month, we witnessed and report that there
has been an upsurge in political activities and with it, there has been an increase
in the violation of civil and political rights.

This month, the hand of the ruling Zanu PF in human rights violations became more
pronounced. Last month, the party contributed to 22 percent of human rights
violations perpetrators, and in May, there has been an increase, with the party
contributed to 31.87 percent of human rights violations, closely following behind the
Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), which contributed to about 38 percent of all
violations compared to 50 percent in April.

Read the full report: Zimbabwe Peace Project MMR MAY 2021

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