WCM Kudzanayi Charinda wins 2021 Erick Takawira Invitational Rapid Chess tournament

Erick Takawira Invitational chess tournament roared into life today the 5th of June at Cresta Oasis.

The tournament features some ladies who are battling in the tournament which
has ten players who are playing round-robin in this tournament. The games are
rapid games with a duration of 15 minutes and ten seconds increment. The first
pairing featured Woman Candidate Master Kudzanayi Charinda facing her fierce
rival Edith Muyambiri in a Sicilian Defence game the game was
pulsating and had a lot of tactical moves. After careful thought, the
game ended as a draw when Edith defended well in a Rook and pawn
versus a rook ending which was a marvel to watch and left the Arbiters
as well as onlookers in awe. Board two featured Anashe Murinda and
Rumbidzai Mawire who are both scholars. The two Young Chess Masters
players played an interesting game that had a lot of tactical
manoeuvres and eventually, Rumbi lost on time while trying to win a drawn
game. Onboard three Linda Shaba played against Panashe Zimbili a
scholar based in Mash Central. Nomalungelo Mathe lost to Sango
Rumbidzai in a shocking result of the day. That was an upset of the day
as Nomalungelo is highly rated than her opponent who doesn’t have a
Colleta Wakuruwarehwa lost to Tatenda Zengeni in a fierce
battle of the two chess Queens on board five.
round two results showed some interesting trends. Edith played against
Zengeni Tatenda who won her first game against Colleta and this was an
all explosive game as it produced some interesting results.
Zengeni continued with her fine form as she annihilated her opponent and
managed to get on to a perfect start after winning a second-round
game. Colleta Wakuruwarehwa defeated Rumbidzai Sango who had upset
Nomalungelo Mathe in round one. Zimbili Panashe lost to Mathe
Nomalungelo. In this second round, Noma picked her first point against
the exciting Chipindura Scholar in an interesting fashion.WCM
Rumbidzai Mawire lost to Shaba Linda who got into round 3 with a
perfect score. WCM Charinda picked up her first win against the young
Murinda Anashe.
Round three
Murinda Anashe faced Muyambiri Edith onboard one, Edith won the game
which was very pulsating. An interesting rivalry game was pitted in
round three as the ladies who once had a match together faced each
other in a fire fighting game where the best player is likely to come
from Linda Shaba and WCM Kudzanayi Charinda. Linda Shaba had the white
pieces while Kudzanayi Charinda had the black pieces. the result was a
draw after an excruciating game was played. Noma had led in
development and at one time one would think that she was going to
carry the day. Tatenda Zengeni won an almost lost game as her opponent
blundered in a Knight and pawns versus Bishop and pawns.WCM
Nomalungelo Mathe lost to Woman Candidate Master Rumbidzai Mawire in a
pulsating position. She won under time pressure to carry the day in an
interesting fashion.
Colleta Wakuruwarehwa defeated Panashe Zimbili in round three. Panashe
failed to manage her time and she lost on time in the process.
Round 4
Muyambiri Edith played against Sango Rumbidzai onboard one and won
her game with the white pieces, while Panashe Zimbili was paired
against Zengeni Tatenda on board two and she lost in a subtle game in
which she was forced to sacrifice her rook to avert a mate. on board
three Colleta Squared off against Rumbi Mawire. Colleta lost the game
after she was forked her Queen and Rook, she could not help but
resigned upon the powerful move was made. With so many threats on the
board Colleta just had to resign as the attack proved too powerful
like a bomb blast boom!!!
WCM Charinda Kudzanayi played against WCM Nimalungelo Mathe on board
four and Charinda won the game with the white pieces. She lost on time.
Onboard five Murinda Anashe played against Shaba Linda. The game was
evenly balanced with the players vying for an end game that had a
bishop and six pawns versus Knight and six pawns in a pulsating game
which left the onlookers amazed by the quality of chess being
displayed by the form two-player against a seasoned Linda Shaba. Anashe
Murinda lost in a blitz ending after both players had promoted their
pawns to Queens. Anashe misplayed her Queen.
Round five
Shaba Linda played against Muyambiri Edith on board one, they drew
their game in this round. They had Bishops of opposite colours and
even three pawns each.
Nomalungelo Mathe played against Murinda Anashe on board two,
Nomalungelo won the game on time it was a marvel to
watch.Wakuruwarehwa Colleta played against WCM Kudzanayi Charinda on
board three, chess game was the last one to be played as it produced
the best chess. Both players had enough arsenal and they played well
such that WCM Charinda had to sacrifice her rook in the final stages
of the game to produce a sucker punch of the game. The move was a
cracker and it won the game in a scintillating manner after checking
her opponent with a castle which was attacked by the Bishop.
Eventually Charinda converted with the onlookers amazed as the game
Zengeni Tatenda played against WCM Mawire Rumbidzai and Mawire won the
end game which was very interesting. They both had pawns. She was a
pawn up and she managed to use the pawn advantage and won it .Sango
Rumbidzai played against Zimbili Panashe on board five and they drew
their game..All the first players to be mentioned first played white
while those stated later played black.
Round six
Edith Muyambiri played white against Panashe Zimbili on board one and
Panashe won the game in an interesting fashion when she gained a Queen
in a fashionable manner.
WCM Mawire Rumbidzai played white against Sango Rumbidzai on board two
and she lost in a won position when she had some passed pawns but she
failed to contain the pressure of the knight, Bishop and rook which
produced a cracking checkmate.
WCM Charinda Kudzanayi played against Tatenda Zengeni on board three,
Charinda won the game and a gruelling fight was put up by the defender
Tatenda Zengeni.
Anashe Murinda played white against Colleta Wakuruwarehwa on board
four and she lost to the seasoned player after a brave fight but
eventually experience played a part in the game and Colleta won the
game.Linda Shaba played white against Nomalungelo Mathe on board five
and Linda won the game in a tricky tactical fashion.

Round seven

Nomalungelo Mathe defeated Muyambiri Edith in an interesting fashion
when she played well in the game.Mawire Rumbi lost to Sango Rumbidzai
in a won position for Rumbi when she had a winning combination.
Zengeni Tatenda defeated Murinda Anashe .WCM Charinda Kudzanayi drew
against Sango Rumbidzai in blocked game in which Charinda failed to
penetrate the defence by Sango. Shaba Linda played an interesting game
against Colleta Wakuruwarehwa and won after a fierce fight over the
board as they battled for supremacy.Zimbili Panashe lost to Rumbidzai
Mawire in an interesting end game which WCM Mawire had an extra minor
piece which produced a sublime performance in the game.

Round 8

Muyambiri Edith lost to WCM Mawire Rumbidzai in a tricky game.On board
two WCM Charinda Kudzanayi won her game very fast against Zimbili
Panashe who blundred in the opening after misplaying and she was
punished for her mistake.Anashe Murinda capitalised on Sango
Rumidzai’s blunder and never looked back after Sango blundered her
Queen in a blitz ending which was eventually won by Anashe.On board
four Linda Shaba lost a gruelling game against Zengeni Tatenda which
brought her down from leading the tournament as a sole leader and was
actually eclipsed by WCM Charinda Kudzanayi who was half a point ahead
the field of players followed by six points. Linda Shaba and Tatenda
Zengeni had six points going into the final round.

Round 9

Colleta played against Edith Muyambiri and won the game
Zengeni played against Mathe Nomalungelo, Zengeni Tatenda won the game
which was very pulsating.Sango Rumbidzai played against Linda Shaba
and Shaba prevailed. Shaba won the game to finish with 7 points out of
the 9 games played. There was anxiety as the results between WCM
Mawire Rumbidzai and WCM Charinda, Mawire Rumbidzai played well but
lost on time in an interesting game which she failed to contain the
result as well as the game. Tatenda Zengeni results because they had
an effect on the final standings of the whole tournament. Tatenda
Zengeni won her game and she finished with 7 points joint with Linda
Shaba.Panashe Zimbili played against Anashe Murinda, Murinda Anashe
won the game and it was a pulsating game to watch.WCM Mawire Rumbidzai
played against WCM Charinda Kudzanayi in a must win encounter or just
half a point would do the trick for the evergreen player who has
dominated the local scene as well as the international scene.WCM
kudzanayi Charinda is the winner of the inaugural Erick Takawira
Ladies Rapid Invitational chess tournament. The performance was
sterling and she has raised her bar. The chief Organizer of the event
was FA Admire Mawire who was assisted by Fide Trainer Erick Takawira,
Bismarck Bhobhojani, Young Chess Masters and Afristeel Zimbawe.
Dr. Siza Masuku was the Guest of Honour and made an official move for
opening the tournament. International Arbiter Simbabrashe Murimi was
the Chief Arbiter assisted by NA Walter Mukundwa. The winner of the
tournament won $200 USD, followed by Zengeni Tatenda and Linda Shaba
were joint second and pocketed a cool $75.00 each. WCM Mawire
Rumbidzai came fourth with 5 points winning $20.00, fifth Mathe
Nomalungelo with 4 points, followed by Wakuruwarehwa Colleta who also
had 4 points. Muyambiri Edith, Murinda Anashe, Sango Rumbidzai all had
3 points while Panashe Zimbili got the wooden spoon with 1.5 points.
All of the above got some $20.00 USD from position four to position
ten. This is likely to be an annual event and the standards which were
set should be maintained and are recommended for a tournament of this
FT Erick Takawira applauded the event and stated that there
is a need to have more tournaments for the ladies. This will promote the
game of chess as well as development of the game of chess. In line
with Zimbabwe Chess Federation policy of developing chess together is
what the thrust f the tournament was! Hopefully, this is the beginning
of more tournaments to come.

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