How SEOPros can rank your website on the first page on Google

Search engine optimisation (SEO) often refers to optimising websites for Google search, amidst several other search engines on the market.

Google is the largest, most prominent player in this market to consider as it is the biggest, and the best for the following reasons:

  • Google has the largest search market share of more than 90%
  • Google has an industry-leading search algorithm which is dedicated to make searches easy for its users
  • Goole has a wide range of useful features that ensure that results are more than just text-based links
  • Google is popular for its trusted, reliable search results

For this reason, many online businesses who not only want to reach their targeted audiences but increase the quality of their website traffic along with quality, must ensure that they use an SEO strategy that will place them higher on Google’s search result page.

SEOPros’ approach to helping you rank on the first page of Google

Apart from having a dedicated team to optimise your website and a range of services that you can use, SEOPros provides a proven approach that will ensure that your website can rank on the first page of Google.

The phased approach involved consists of the following steps and their individual components:

  • The Learning Process – which involves extracting as much knowledge possible from your industry, customers, and competitors. Analytic audits to track progress and measure campaign success, and monitor websites in your niche to improve efficiency.
  • Planning – which involves keyword mapping, the creation of audience persona, audit on competitive links for Google’s algorithms, followed by mapping of link opportunity, topical research for content, and more.
  • Adjustment – Before building links to the website, SEOPros fixes any technical issues and implements analytics updates, launches content marketing campaigns, and creates different personas for outreach.
  • The last stage involves executing 100% white hat campaigns which consist of organic content promotion, skyscraper content outreach, link outreach, and the linking of building campaigns. Lastly, SEOPros also provides reporting, analysis, and consulting.

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SEO Project Roadmap

The phased approach that SEOPros provides is executed over a six-month project roadmap. While it is an intense, detailed, and in-depth approach, you will receive the necessary dedication and commitment from SEOPros throughout the whole process.

Over six months, you can expect various phases from keyword planning, several different analysis, audits, and optimisations. You can also expect the creation of a Google Plus Business Account, optimisation of the speed on your website, and the optimisation of the website to be compatible on mobile devices.

There are also several outreach strategies and the promotion of Skyscraper articles, revisions on technical updates, UX, as well as UI to ensure website efficiency.

After the SEO approach has been implemented and the process is complete, SEOPros will help you map out the next steps to ensure continued success. This will involve a deep progression analysis which will help you understand the next steps that you must take to ensure that your website will experience continued organic success.

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