Mukai Mahachi’s dream comes true

As she helps a fellow chess player to get back to Zimbabwe from Cyprus where he was stuck!

Chess players are taught to be generous as they play the game. This is
an interesting story of chess players who interacted and ensured that
there was sanity. Mukai Mahachi a former Head Girl at Dominican
Convent High School, Harare is a former chess Captain who led her
team to some victories among the girls teams during her time at the
She also managed to represent the school as well as Harare
Province at inter – Provincial chess competitions. So was Graffi
Bester a former learner at Mabvuku High School then, Oriel Boys for
Advanced level. Graffi Bester got a partial scholarship to study in
Cyprus and along the way something happened that affected him from
completing the course.
The money was no longer enough for him to
finish his studies while there in Cyprus. He only managed to finish
his first two years of study, that is when his problems started.
Graffi Bester then linked up with Mukai Mahachi so that he could get
some help to come back to Zimbabwe and start afresh because things
were no longer as they used to be and as he hoped them to be. Mukai
was very creative, she started a Gofund for Graffi to come back to
This was like a dream, people responded positively and
eventually, Graffi Bester is now in Zimbabwe. Am happy to say that we
taught good manners to the girl child who was generous to her former
teammate and getting back to Zimbabwe which was a pipe dream became a
reality as Graffi Bester is here in Zimbabwe. Mukai’s fundraising was
not a scam like what other people do. It was really a dream come true
and a true reflection of her will to help a brother reach out.
A problem shared is a problem solved. This was a chess puzzle that was
solved in a real-life situation and truly a sacrifice of data, time
and money to create the GO Fund post was invested. Keep the same
spirit and to those who would like to help next time if Mukai Mahachi
is doing the fundraising please do not hesitate as it will be genuine
because the results are here. She showed her generosity and it was
true, May the good Lord bless you as you do your studies. We hope that
one day with your vision you can start a foundation that will help
It is not easy for a lady of your age to do what you did to
Graffi Bester. It also shows that there is a spirit of ubntu or hunhu
enshrined in you our dear daughter.

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