WFM Besa Masaiti now studying in the US

One of Botswana's best lady chess players is now based in the United States of America. She got a scholarship at Texas Tech University.

She has been one of the best performers in the National team colours as well as other local and regional tournaments which she took part in.

In one of the articles it stated that, Despite a demanding sports schedule, Botswana Woman  Fide Master , Besa Masaiti passed her Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education examinations with flying colours. The lady has been a beacon to the Botswana chess players raising a lot of hope of a future Champion. She became a senior National Champion as a scholar. She took part in the World Online Olympiad chess tournament in 2020 in which was played from the 5th-9th of August. The team performed well in the Zone 4.5 Online chess tournament and finished third. She was also part of this team which took part in the tournament.

While in the United states of America she took part in her first over the board chess tournament which was a 6 day tourney held in New Jersey. This was the USA Open and the performance during this tournament can be found on The tournament started on the first of August and ended on the 6th of August, 2021.

This is a first for a Motswana lady to get this opportunity to learn and play chess while at a University in America. Most of the players in Botswana do their education in the same country of birth. However one can say that this was an opportunity to market the country as well as Africa so that these opportunities will continue to avail themselves among the people of this continent called Africa. This will also create some synergies in the chess circles and hence bolster the relations among the chess playing community as a Global village.

The above also encourages our young chess players that they can still make it in life as well as academically as this is the future of all the generations. One of the best performers gets a chance to unlock the opportunities for the other generation. The likes of Natalie Banda, and Naledi Marape who are also following in the same footsteps. The future is bright for Botswana Chess as one can see avenues like these presenting themselves among the chess generation and a nation with a full potential is seen here accommodating such a wonderful prevailing opportunity and grasping it fully. We hope that Besa will also do her best and balance her academics as well as chess just like she used to be before getting the scholarship.

Dear Friends
I want to thank you for all the support you are giving me and other athletes…..
I left Botswana with a warm goodbye from many well wishers. BCF was at hand to bid me farewell.
The BNOC Leadership showed me the value of embracing diversity when they gave me an opportunity to mingle
with Tokyo bound athletes. 
Back to school : I want to share with you that :
I am still settling and I am confident I shall prevail. The people here in Texas are friendly.
I have taken a vaccine against Covid-19 and as such I would encourage everyone who has an opportunity to do so..Prevention is better than cure. Let us encourage one another to do the needful.
I flew to New Jersey for a tournament. I have played 5 games —of which I won 2 and drawn one as well as lost two.The tournament will last for six days.I hope to build from experience and exposure am gaining — to improve my standards of play. 

Please remember to follow the Covid-19 protocols— social distancing, masks, sanitizers and also regular temperature body checks, paying attention to Ministry of Health guidelines.

Till next time 
With God all things shall be possible

Remain Blessed. 

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