Zimbabwe ruling elite better suited to running backward rural country, not a modern-day advanced nation

As we wake up to another bleak, gloomy and dark morning (literally) - again, without electricity in our part of town - in the midst of obvious outrage and disappointed at the nation's authorities, who have clearly failed to run the country, I had to ask myself a most difficult question...

Tendai Ruben Mbofana


So, if our government can not even run a simple so-called ‘Third World’ (or, developing) country – what exactly are they capable of?

What can they do successfully?

Instead, of merely attacking and criticizing our leaders, I genuinely wanted to be fair, and understand what they were good at.

One of the most important lessons I have learnt throughout my life has been that, no one is completely useless – and that, those we may consider to be utter duds in a particular field, could be geniuses in another.

As such, forcing someone to pursue a path they are unmistakably not gifted in, is the gravest of errors – since, not only will they mess up big time (possibly, irredeemably), but also make the lives of other people a living nightmare.

It is far much better, rather, to encourage them to go with what they know best – and, at the end, everyone will be happy.

This morning, in spite of all the reasons to be thoroughly enraged and infuriated with Zimbabwe’s luckless ruling elite, I, nonetheless, tried my honest best to see what they were better suited for…and, it struck me.

And, no – as much as that would make a lot of sense – but, stealing, killing, and destroying is not what I had in mind!

For those who still have the patience, stamina, and tolerance to endure an hour of our state broadcaster, ZBC (Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation) main news bulletins, the answer is right there for all to see.

This country’s ruling elite appears always on the proverbial ‘cloud nine’ – filled with unrestrained joy and pride – whenever they are talking about, or dealing with, matters of agriculture, and rural areas.

And, they have every right to be so delighted with themselves.

In fact, most sections of state news reports are now dedicated to their one and only tangible “achievement” – such that, the happiest minister in the entire cabinet must be Anxious Masuka.

He, definitely, is not anxious at all – what with, expected bumper harvests, and forecasted food security for most households in mostly rural areas…of course, largely as a result of good rains, and if we are to experience another terrible rainy season this year, all those smugs will swiftly be washed off their faces.

However, that is where this government’s “successes” start and end – beyond their comfort zone of farming and rural areas, it is unmitigated disaster after disaster.

It can no longer be debated – as if it was ever debatable – but, the Zimbabwe administration is unashamedly incapable of running a modern-day advanced country.

What can anyone say of a ruling establishment that can not even provide consistent electricity for its population, or fails to maintain a steady currency and economy, or can not enable a conducive environment for the sustained growth of local industry and commerce, or incapable of ensuring that our children attain a high standard education, or unable to provide decent living salaries for its own employees?

What can we say about a government that has destroyed a once enviable vibrant and successful economic powerhouse, into a miserable basket case – once referred to as the “Switzerland of Africa” by the late Tanzanian president Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, at the attainment of our independence from colonial rule in 1980 (whilst, issuing a prophetic warning to the incoming regime, not to ruin it)?

I am sure if this pan-African giant had been alive today, he would have not hesitated to ask, “What did I warn you in 1980?” Anyway, he must be turning in his grave.

Is it then any wonder why every unemployed or financially struggling Zimbabwean is encouraged to engage in farming, as that is the one and only meaningful “achievement” by this regime – by its abysmal standards – since, one can not make ends meets, as a teacher, nurse, police or military officer, journalist, writer, actor, musician, and even as an industrialist, academic, doctor or scientist.

I now understand why this military-backed junta’s support is largely confined to rural areas – although, they are still insecure about that – since, managing villages and farms is the only thing they appear, at least, to be good at.

If it were possible, I would not mind at all this country being split into two – one backward and rural, with the other a modern-day advanced society – and, this group of leaders can comfortably be given the former, whilst the rest of us choose our own.

That would work out for the best for all of us.

© Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer, author, and political commentator. Please feel free to contact him on WhatsApp/Call: +263715667700 / +263782283975, or Calls Only: +263788897936 / +263733399640, or email: [email protected]

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