ZLHR rescues widow facing eviction for turning down sexual demands

MUTASA Magistrate Artwell Sanyatwe has ordered a man in Honde Valley in Manicaland province to stop evicting and assaulting a widow as punishment for turning down his sexual demands.


Magistrate Sanyatwe granted the order after Chipo Masimo, a widow
living in Hamudikuwanda A Village under Chief Mutasa in Honde Valley
in Manicaland province approached the court seeking a protection order
stopping Ernest Manhari, her brother in law, from evicting her from
her communal home.

In the application which was filed by Moses Chikomo of Zimbabwe
Lawyers for Human Rights, Masimo said Manhari has been threatening her
with eviction from the communal home for refusing to accept his sexual

Masimo’s husband passed away in 2012 leaving her and two minor
children at the communal home.

Now, Manhari claims that since he is the surviving male member of the
family, he is the heir to the communal home and as such should take
control of the homestead.

Masimo said her brother in law is in the habit of physically
assaulting and even demanding sex from her.

According to Masimo, Manhari has locked her other rooms so that she
does not have access to the home and has also forcibly taken her two
minor children.

Manhari, Masimo said, is also in the habit of harvesting her bananas
and avocado pears which are her only source of livelihood.
This has now been stopped by Magistrate Sanyatwe, who recently granted
a protection order in favour of Masimo ordering Manhari not to evict
or threaten to evict her from her matrimonial home and not to
verbally, insult, threaten or physically traumatise her in any manner.

Manhari was also ordered not to physically assault Masimo.

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