Zimbabwe regime should start by being a friend to all Zimbabweans instead of treating us as enemies

There once was a man (a very cruel and mean man) who found psychopathic and sadistic pleasure in brutalizing his wife and children, whilst wasting resources on his own lustful selfish pursuits - yet his family abandoned to the savage caprices of ravaging hunger, harrowing improvement, and subjecting them to ruthless beating up and torture should they complain.

Tendai Ruben Mbofana

However, the man would try his best to be accepted by the community in which he lived – imploring them not to shun, judge, or even punish him based on the way he treated his family, as he was a friend to all in the neighborhood, and an enemy to none!

Surely, how were those in his community expected to react to this evil and heartless man?

Should they have embraced him – since, he, indeed, did not seek any enmity with anyone in the neighborhood, and merely wanted friendship, and a relationship based on mutual respect?

Or, did he need to be held accountable for the barbarous and scandalous manner in which he abused his own family – despite, his efforts of being a ‘friend to all, and enemy to none’?

I have encountered numerous such men, who are known for their warm lively friendliness within the community – greeting everyone, and socializing at every public place – yet, when in their own homes, they swiftly morph into villainous and merciless little devils, who have no qualms at all treating their families as nothing more than slaves.

What do you do with such a person?

As the Southern African Development Community (SADC) – or, more accurately, the ruling elite in these countries, as the general populace did not even pay heed – marked the so-called ‘Anti-Sanctions Day’ yesterday 25 October – it was thoroughly disturbing how these leaders appeared more concerned over travel and financial restrictions impose on a few corrupt and oppressive individuals and entities in Zimbabwe, without a care over the untold suffering, and unspeakable brutality ordinary Zimbabweans have been subjected to by these very same individuals and entities.

Who then, is going to organize an annual ‘Anti-Oppression Day’ – in commemoration of the millions of Zimbabweans (learned or unlearned, urban or rural dwelling, and across all creeds and ethnicity) who have been turned into embarrassing beggars and stripped of all dignity, as the ruling elite freely loot and plunger the country’s vast resources for their own aggrandizement, whilst also mismanaging the economy?

Are SADC leaders going to speak for the three million Zimbabweans who have fled unbearable poverty, and heinous atrocities in their own country, crossing the border (mostly illegally) in search of a more decent livelihood and peace (even if that means staying in a rundown shack in South Africa – which will be much better than life in their homeland)?

Who is going to tell the Zimbabwe regime, in no uncertain terms, that – as much as they are ‘a friend to all, and enemy to none’ – charity begins at home, as such, should start by being a friend to all Zimbabweans, and stop treating them as enemies, who deserve to suffer?

The Zimbabwe regime needs to be held accountable for its unacceptably shameful cruel and kleptomaniac behavior – a fact that does not even require a so-called UN (United Nations) Special Rapporteur to investigate, since it is there for all who want to see, to see.

The very fact that the Zimbabwe government has found it nearly impossible (over a course of twenty years) to convince both its own citizenry, and the international community, of the existence of economic sanctions on the country (which, were ostensibly supposed to be the magical cause of all our problems and hardships) – thereby, seeing the need to invite the UN to do its bidding – is clear proof that this entire yarn is a tough sell to any right-thinking individual.

No wonder, even in Zimbabwe itself – whilst, the ruling ZANU PF party organized choreographed marches yesterday – uninterested and even disinterested citizens far outnumbered the marchers, and went about their daily business.

(In fact, a journalist friend of mine, yesterday, interestingly commented that he had interviewed some of these marchers in Kwekwe, as to their cause, only to be told that they wanted Tony Blair (former British prime minister) out of power!)

Be that as it may, the majority of Zimbabweans know that they can trade with the world – with even ruling ZANU PF land beneficiaries never shying away from boasting how they are making a killing from their agricultural produce, which they are exporting globally, even to Western countries.

The president has been on a nationwide tour, recently, either officially commissioning or ground-breaking several foreign business entities that had invested in the country – yet, were never stopped by these so-called ‘economic sanctions’.

The government itself, has been on record as already having earned about US$5 billion from our minerals this year.

Should the question then not be – where is all the money being earned by the country going?

If these restrictive measures on several corrupt and oppressive individuals and entities are preventing farmers from exporting their produce – how are those who are successfully exporting (including, small scale farmers) managing?

If the president can hail increased foreign direct investment (FDI), and a resurgence of locally-made goods and services – what had happened to these ‘economic sanctions’?

Any right-thinking person can tell that our problems have very little to do with some targeted sanctions – but, have everything to do with a regime that has failed to properly manage the economy, and has a strong penchant for stealing our wealth for themselves, leaving everyone else behind.

Who can ignore the Auditor General’s annual reports, which repeatedly point out rampant corruption, looting, and misappropriation of billions of our tax funds dollars – with no single culprit being held accountable?

What about the numerous revelations – with their in-depth, well-documented, and traceable paper/money trail – of ruling elite-linked cartels’ fraudulent amassing billions of dollars through scandalous tenders and deals, whilst siphoning and laundering the dirty money into offshore accounts?

That is where the misery and anguish faced by Zimbabweans emanates?

Again I ask, who is going to stand up for the suffering and abused people of Zimbabwe?

© Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer, author, and political commentator. Please feel free to contact him on WhatsApp/Call: +263715667700 / +263782283975, or Calls Only: +263788897936 / +263733399640, or email: [email protected]

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