At least Zimbabwe regime subtly admitting its grand failure!

"Action speaks louder than words"!

Tendai Ruben Mbofana


If it were an image, we would also use the adage, “a picture says a thousands words”.

No matter what anyone loudly proclaims, and makes noise about – the truth is always exposed through their actions, as nothing is louder than action.

There is no more accurate way of assessing someone’s real thoughts, and true intentions, than studying how they behave – as opposed to what they may want those around them to believe, through their words.

The same logic applies when assessing how the Zimbabwe administration genuinely evaluates its own performance – in relation to the country’s economy, and whether it has managed to improve the welfare of the citizenry.

We have all heard the nauseating ‘mountain-top declarations’ – claiming phenomenal economic milestones, especially on the part of the post-November 2017 coup d’etat misnamed ‘New Dispensation’ (notwithstanding the fact that, this is an administration led by the same people who have been in top government positions for the past forty one [41] years, ever since the country attained political independence from Britain in 1980).

They have proudly paraded (with much pomp and fanfare) the commissioning of a few private companies (touted as some sign of a resurging economy), endless groundbreaking ceremonies that have seldom yielded much detectable results, official handing over of twenty or so houses for civil servants, and ‘progress’ or ‘completion’ of projects that have been stunted for the past decades (ironically, presided over by the same people who are still in power today).

In fact, we, the people of Zimbabwe, have been told to celebrate these ‘achievements’ – as these showed that the so-called Second Republic’s promises were ‘finally’ bearing fruit.

We were practically ordered to celebrate the payment of USD45 monthly pensions to our elderly fathers and mothers, the awarding of less than USD200 monthly salaries to our civil servants – in the midst of a stubbornly high inflation rate, a useless local currency that loses value nearly on a daily basis, thereby leaving the vast majority of Zimbabweans living in abject poverty.

As a matter of fact, the UN (United Nations) says over half the population of Zimbabwe is in extreme poverty (earning less than USD1.90 per day), with most people being food insecure, and children under five years old experiencing stunted growth, due to severe malnutrition.

Surely, in spite of flooding state media with reports of groundbreaking ceremonies, commissioning of a few private companies (most of which, do not even pay their employees living wages), and making ‘progress’ in constructing the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, or the new Parliament of Zimbabwe building – have the lives of the people of Zimbabwe improved?

Have the ongoing paving of roads in urban areas ameliorated the pathetic welfare of urban-dwellers?

Have one or two pothole-free roads addressed the more urgent and ‘life or death’ issue of the perennial water supply crises in our towns and cities?

However, the ruling establishment’s own behavior appears to tacitly admit that all these ‘achievements’ having done absolutely nothing in improving the day-to-day livelihoods of ordinary Zimbabweans.

How else can anyone explain the resurgence of Nazi-like propaganda jingles on the state broadcaster?

Have the people of Zimbabwe not seen this before?

Remember the hyperinflationary years of the early 2000s – whereby, one needed over ZW$5 billion just to buy a loaf of bread – and, our airwaves were flooded with songs as, ‘Rambai Makashinga’, and other revolutionary songs, intended to give us a false sense of comfort and security, in the midst of a collapsed economy.

Today it is no different – as Zimbabweans have to tolerate some irritatingly disingenuous clips about the country being built ‘nevenevayo’, ‘Brick by Brick’, and laughable promises of eventually reaching prosperity.

Why has the ZANU PF government found it imperative to reinvent these propaganda machinations – if the situation in the country was truly improving, and the livelihoods of ordinary Zimbabweans genuinely better?

Honestly, does anyone who is truly enjoying life, and living well, need to be repeatedly told that his or her life was good – especially, through some television or radio repeated messages?

If the plight of Zimbabweans had been genuinely better than before – clearly, each and every individual would know that, and would not need to be told this on television or radio!

So, why is the government of Zimbabwe resorting to such desperate measures?

The truth is quite simple – there is no real discernable progress and development in the country, and the vast majority of the citizenry are still enduring untold suffering, and languishing in unimaginable poverty.

That is a stubborn fact, which can never be washed or wished away through some ridiculous repetitive propaganda.

The very fact that the Zimbabwe authority have stooped so low, to such shameful levels of desperation, proves that they are subtly admitting to their grand failure.

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