Nine Congolese nationals have been arrested.
Catherine Falls Commercial, Getty Images


A local magistrate in Chinhoyi – a small town 116 kilometres north east of the capital Harare – fined them ZW$2 500 (about R250) or 10 days in jail, thereafter, deportation.

The court heard that they were arrested aboard a Harare-bound bus after passing through the one-stop border post of Chirundu, which linked Zimbabwe to Zambia.

With conflict, famine and terrorism rife in East and Central Africa, traffic had increased to the southern parts of the continent which are relatively peaceful.

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) said the major reason for the migration, which usually ended up in South Africa, was “due to its middle-income status, stable democratic institutions, and comparatively industrialised economy”.

It said South Africa hosted the largest number of immigrants on the African continent.