Open letter to Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Members

As the saying goes, " Anomakwa ndiye ane bhora".

Peter Mutasa

The spirited attempts by the state and its proxies to block former Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) President Peter Mutasa to Chair the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition clearly reveals the extent to which the state is afraid of a leader of the calibre of Mutasa.

During his days at the ZCTU, Mutasa proved beyond reasonable doubt the extent to which he is able to mobilise, hold the state to account and challenge injustice.

Zanu PF would not have spent so much money and effort to remove him from the ZCTU Presidency for nothing.

And now, they know that Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition is much stronger with a leader like Mutasa.

Top officials like George Charamba and Nick Mangwana would not spend so much time decampaigning Mutasa for nothing.

They know the man and have every reason to fear a rejuvenated and stronger Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition.

As we gear towards 2023, Zimbabwe needs a united and well oiled civic society hence the need to resist attempts by Zanu PF to weaken organisations such as the Crisis Coalition. Legislation such as the PVO Act and the Patriotic Bill are meant to weaken institutions fighting for democracy and of late, Zanu PF is trying to capture these same institutions as is the case with their ongoing fight against Peter Mutasa’s candidature for the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Chair.

Members of the Crisis Coalition should rise above petty politics, the love for personal power and ensure the Coalition moves forward with a tried and tested leader.

Reports of Zanu PF churning out money to some rowdy members of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition members to decampaign Peter Mutasa are unfortunate but should serve to remind the general membership of the fact that the state can only invest to decampaign a leader with the potential to shake and challenge them.

I challenge the members of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition to be on the lookout for Zanu PF proxies masquerading as champions of democracy.

And the false allegations that Rashid Mahiya and Peter Mutasa sponsored the violence in Bulawayo. There was a Zanu PF hand there- with the support of a few members of the Crisis Coalition who have been paid to derail Mutasa’s campaign.

Wake up Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition members. Why is the state silent about other candidates and only working against Mutasa. Do you think George Charamba is being genuine when he says Crisis In Zimbabwe Coalition members must not vote for Peter Mutasa.

How can a goat get advice from a hyena?

What the state doesn’t want, you must implement.

The reason why the state was always vocal against leaders such as the late Morgan Tsvangirai is that they knew the man. On Nelson Chamisa again, they know the man. On Peter Mutasa, they know the man.

This should not in any way be viewed as a campaign gimmick but just an eye-opener.

For those vying for power, i challenge you not to look at issues of personal achievement but the broader vision. Its unfortunate others don’t see the hand of Zanu PF and are pushing the party’s agenda to the detriment of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition. And that has serious implications on democracy in Zimbabwe.

Wake up and smell the coffee Crisis members. Resist attempts by Zanu PF to derail the struggle for a democratic Zimbabwe.

Ngwarirai mabasa eZanu.


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