Everything You Need to Know About Betting in Zimbabwe

In the past few years, online sports betting has definitely gained considerable popularity, drawing in eager players from all across the globe.

Among the countries that have recently joined in, we also note Zimbabwe, a country that’s been steadily opening up to the beauty of sports odds and mobile payments.

Of course, for a number of years, Zimbabweans couldn’t enjoy all these modern perks, but now we can safely say things are looking up and this African country is slowly consolidating a strong betting market.

Sports betting in Zimbabwe is now more and more accessible than ever and it offers tremendous thrill, paired with great functional features from the providing operators.

What Sport Do Zimbabweans Love the Most?

This African country has been blessed with a climate that encourages outdoor pursuits, which may be a reason why sports in Zimbabwe are so popular.

While Zimbabweans are quite the sports fans, playing and watching a number of sports such as tennis, football, cricket, netball, field hockey, and golf, it seems their heart goes out to one sport in particular. It’s football and it’s no secret – Zimbabweans have always tied football to their national identity, having played this sport for many years.

The Zimbabweans that don’t play football themselves, will often cheer on their favorite teams when they come up on the TV. Or they follow fresh football information via Twitter. In fact, football frequently shows up as the most beloved sport in a great number of countries in Africa, from Zimbabwe to Ghana. It’s also a top favorite when it comes to online sports betting in Zimbabwe – soccer-enamored players show this love on all fronts.

What Sports Do Zimbabweans Play Well?

We can safely say that cricket and football are the two sports played by mostly everyone in the country. If you go on the streets of Zimbabwe, you’ll most likely witness an impromptu game organized between kids or you’ll often hear the sounds of excitement made by adults engaged in a game.

Of course, these are not the only two sports that Zimbabwe is good at. Having said this, it’s important to note that ever since the 1940s, Zimbabweans have bagged nice achievements in polocrosse as well – their win at the 1997 World Championship stands as a testament to this. Field hockey is another sport in which Zimbabweans thrive, with the women’s team bringing home an Olympic medal in 1980. Last but not least, cricket in Zimbabwe has built its own history, currently still developing and finding ways to reach the next level.

What Are the Bookmaking Options In Zimbabwe?

What comes as both an advantage and a disadvantage, it’s important to know Zimbabwe has not yet, in any way, regulated sports betting. On the one hand, this means fewer restrictions, while on the other it means Zimbabweans can only access foreign operators.

It’s true, though, that many reputable operators have started offering their betting services here, leaving Zimbabweans with plenty of options to choose from. However this doesn’t mean that you should choose your operator by hearsay, but you can instead check their reviews on aggregator websites. They do all the research legwork for you, so you don’t have to.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite operator, you can make a betting account with them and start choosing your desired odds in your beloved sport. Seeing how big these renowned operators are, you can rest assured there will be bonuses and useful payment options to benefit from.

The Takeaway

Zimbabwe is a country of many riches and certainly knows how to make use of them. By joining a naturally favorable climate and a love for education, Zimbabweans have taken to loving sports with passion, a preference that is reflected in more ways than one. On the one hand, you have the sheer number of people watching or playing at least one sport, while on the other you have a sports betting industry that started to and continues to flourish.

At the time being, you can enjoy sports betting in Zimbabwe free of rules and regulations (at the time of writing), so in a way, online sports betting in Zimbabwe is living its golden age. It will be interesting to see what comes next for Zimbabwe when it comes to this fresh new industry it’s interacting with, but it’s even more interesting still to be at the forefront of this movement.

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