Only a government of cowards believes persecution and intimidation cowers a determined people!

The best why to assess how a particular individual's mind works, is by meticulously studying and scrutinizing his attitude towards other people.

Tendai Ruben Mbofana


Therefore, if someone treats others with love, in order to attain respect from the same – chances are, he too, easily gives respect to those who love him.

Then there are those who believe in using brute force, threats, and intimidation to cower those they interact with into submission.

Chances are also very high that – when they too are subjected to brute force, threats, and intimidation, they readily cower (with tail between the legs), are filled with fear, and submit.

How so?

Well, it is quite a simple fact of human life.

What I know works on me, is the same approach and tactic I will most likely employ on others.

Surely, why would I threaten those around me into submission – when I know that the most effective way for anyone to get me to do something is through intellectual discussion and persuasion?

Would the normal thing not be to do what I already know would work – since that is how it works on me?

Where am I going with all this?

Quite simple, really!

When a country has a regime that always resorts to violence, spurious arrests, and other forms of persecution to instil fear in the population – in the hope of an obedient, terrified, and unquestioning citizenry – then this shows only one thing.

Those would be the same methods that would make the particular ruling elite tremble in their shoes.

Is proves that, when they themselves were once upon a time subjected to similar intimidatory tactics – especially by a former ruthless oppressor – they most probably wetted their pants, and were on the verge of giving up their own struggle.

Thus, their thinking would be – if these brutal tactics affected us in such terrifying ways, then this should have the same effect on those we also want to oppress.

As a matter of fact, we see this happening right here in Zimbabwe.

Is it then any wonder, when leaders who once acted invincible, untouchable, and all-powerful – yet, immediately after losing that shield of power, go into hiding or flee to other countries seeking political asylum?

Have we not witnessed this disturbing and embarrassing trend both before and after the November 2017 military coup d’etat – when the expelled vice president practically crossed the border, illegally, on foot, into hiding in a neighboring country, for fear of his life at the hands of his former comrades – only to resurface well after the danger had been ousted from office, and was safe to return.

After the coup, those fellow comrades, who had remained in power, and seemed to have won the day – but, had now been ruthlessly kicked out of power – in a similar fashion, swiftly vanished from the country, and hid in some regional countries.

Who would have thought these were the same individuals who behaved as if they owned Zimbabwe – as their personal property, and the citizenry their slaves?

Yet, deep down knowing fully well that they did not have the guts, and what is took, to stand up for themselves in the face of potential vicious persecution.

In other words, a country whose government believes in using barbarity and savagery as a means of keeping a population in check and subservient – as opposed to implementing people-centred policies that naturally endear them to their leadership – is actually made up of cowards.

Yet, they seem not to understand that – an intimidator who fails to intimidate, eventually becomes intimidated – and, sooner or later, when the people finally bravely stand up for themselves, his cowardice will inevitably be exposed.

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