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A Zanu PF leader in Kariba has appealed to the immigration authorities to allow local people to cross into Zambia to buy basic commodities.

The request follows sharp rises in the price of essentials such as mealie meal, cooking oil, salt and sugar. The situation has been blamed on the collapsing Zimbabwean dollar. The exchange rate is now about Zim $400 to the US dollar (see:

Voice of America quotes a high school English teacher Christine Kayumba as saying she can’t afford to buy bread for her family because of rising prices, she said that she cooks a bland, thin porridge three times a day and rarely serves rice because it is too expensive as well. ‘This price increase of bread has reduced me to nothing,’ she told VOA. ‘I don’t feel I am still the mother figure, the bread winner for my family. Because I am failing to provide, each and every morning they wake up crying for porridge, crying for bread.’

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, one of the largest exporters of wheat, is blamed for this soaring rise in prices. The chairman of the Grain Millers’ Association, Tafadzwa Musarara, said Ukraine was one of his main suppliers but a consignment of wheat for Zimbabwe had been stuck in the embattled city of Mariupol because of the war (see:

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has urged President Mnangagwa to abandon the Zimbabwe dollar as a matter of urgency. Mnangagwa reintroduced the local dollar in 2019 after a decade of relative stability but it quickly lost value, triggering a wave of price rises (see:

Mnangagwa, a supporter of Russia’s psychopathic President Putin. has insisted his policy will not change and accused businesses of sabotaging the government despite publicly professing support for its policies. In a speech at the International Trade Fair in Bulawayo on Friday, he said: ‘Business cannot purport to support government by day and sabotage it by night and thereafter play victim.’ (See:

The Vigil is not surprised that Zimbabwe’s aspiration to re-join the Commonwealth has not been embraced by the UK. As the world increasingly divides between democracies and autocratic regimes, Zimbabwe could hardly hope to be welcomed back by the UK, given Mnangagwa’s support for Russia and China and other undemocratic regimes. The British minister dealing with the Commonwealth Zac Goldsmith told parliament that the human rights situation and rule of law were pivotal to the readmission of Zimbabwe (see:

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