Zimbabweans are very united – hating a regime that impoverishes us doesn’t mean we’re divided!

I always find statements by Zimbabwe's ruling establishment, urging us to be united, quite mind-boggling - since, as far as I can tell, Zimbabweans are some of the most united people on a continent riddled with conflicts induced by divisions and hatred, usually fueled by tribal, religious, and political differences.

Tendai Ruben Mbofana


So, what I do not understand is – from where do those in power in Zimbabwe get the idea that we are divided – and, as such, need to be encouraged to unite!

In fact, except for a few political sycophants and brainwashed thugs – who appear blinded by their brainless, and usually drug and alcohol-motivated, loyalty, and are always ready to be used by their leaders to commit horrendous murderous crimes – most Zimbabweans have absolutely no hard feelings against each other, more so on account of political affiliation.

We are pretty mature in that regard!

I am sure, those in power would be shocked to learn that, we can sit, eat, and chat together, regardless of our political persuasions, without any acrimony, animosity or resorting to violence and barbarism.

It may even interest those running the affairs of Zimbabwe to learn that, contrary to the disingenuous support they are deceived into believing they had from a significant portion of Zimbabweans – most probably, from those seeking to curry favors and opportunities from authorities – I, personally, have actually never come across anyone (on a one-on-one basis, without anyone trying to play to the gallery) who blamed sanctions, saboteurs, or regime change agents for the untold economic suffering we are enduring in this country.

I dare challenge any one out there, who has ever stood in a bank, supermarket, or ZUPCO queue, and has ever heard someone pointing the figure for our unimaginable poverty to some foreign force!

Zimbabwean are united!

We know who exactly are the authors of our misery, and the ruination of our beloved country.

We may, obviously, have those (for good reason) who are too frightened to speak out against a regime notorious for its savagery and wickedness – but, that does not take away the fact that they know what is really going on, and in all likelihood say it behind closed doors.

As such, when those in power urge us to be united, what really would they be talking about?

Or, what they are actually saying is that we should all be ruling ZANU PF genuine supporters, who see absolutely nothing wrong with the looting of our national resources for the ruling elite’s self-enrichment, whilst the majority wallow in abject poverty – who will stand behind their abusers without any questions asked!

I deliberately used the term “genuine supporters”, because it is common knowledge that most of those who purport to be ZANU PF members are simply pretenders – who are after what ever they can get from the establishment, in order to feed themselves and their families, but likely vote for the opposition during election time!

No wonder, even polling stations situated at police, prison, and military camps – infamous for their brutal repression of the opposition – recorded victories for the CCC during the recent parliamentary and local government by-elections, held on March 26, 2022.

What those in power mean by “Zimbabweans needing to be united” is a desire for a docile and subservient citizenry – which does not, and can not, stand up and speak out for itself, even in the midst of brazen violation of their basic rights by those who hold the reins of power.

Well, I have both good and bad news for the Zimbabwe authorities.

Let me start with the good news – we are already united as Zimbabweans.

However, the bad news (at least, for only the ruling elite) is that, we are united against them!

And, I am sure they already know this – which explains the relentless calls for unity, coupled with unparalleled ruthlessness against any who may express dissent, or support the opposition.

Why intimidate, victimize, or brutalize a population that is behind them, and supports them all the way – if not because they know truth, which is that: the people the fed up, and have had enough of their indescribable suffering, and want to set themselves free from the bondages shackling them to seemingly endless impoverishment?

Enough is certainly enough – and, Zimbabweans are more united than ever in fighting for a better life for our nation, against a greedy, power-hungry, and blood-thirsty regime.

All that is left now, is for us to finally tear off the fear that has crippled us for far too long – and, unite in courageously standing up for what is rightfully ours…our dignity!

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