Eva Mzondiwa to represent Zimbabwe as a contestant at the Miss Heritage Global Pageant 2022

South Africa - The Miss Heritage Global is amongst many pageants and is a platform where the world can meet, share and celebrate different cultures and heritages of the world while shaping future leaders and fostering unity in diversity.

Eva Mzondiwa

Eva Mzondiwa, aged 23 is one of the confirmed contestants that will participate in the Miss Heritage Global where she will also use the platform to educate and contribute to the diversity of Heritage and Culture.

Eva will represent the Zimbabwean heritage and hopes to be an inspiration to young women in Africa who are not afraid to take charge of their lives and within societies. Eva has also recently organized a clean-up campaign in mosquito-breeding areas of Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. She also focuses on spreading awareness of Malaria and has participated in the #EndMalaria Campaign in 2018.

As the world has adapted and is progressing toward recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, The Miss Heritage Global is the first international beauty pageant that focuses on the promotion of the diverse heritage and the only internationally recognized international pageant hosted and based in Africa.

The Miss Heritage Global postponed in 2021 due to the pandemic, is now set to be hosted in Limpopo, South Africa on September 24, 2022.  As September is known to be heritage month in South Africa, this will allow citizens to celebrate their heritage and recognize different aspects of the diversity of South Africa. The pageant will focus on culture and heritage as a tool to educate, celebrate and unite people from different parts of the world. Fifty-seven contestants from countries such as Japan, France, the USA, the UK, Canada, Ghana, Algeria, and several other countries are to take part in the pageantry.

The pageant month will be filled with glamour, and intellectual life as the finalists will be groomed and trained. They will spread awareness through advocacy, and be challenged with cultural fashion photoshoots, and speeches on women empowerment. The contestants will display cultural diversity and themselves at the crowning ceremony of the Miss Heritage Global 2022 pageant that will be held at the Kalahari Waterfront Nandoni, Limpopo in South Africa on the 24th of September 2022.

In the miss heritage global 2022 press launch that took place at the Kalahari Waterfront in Limpopo, Founder, Ronald Tisauke highlighted that the pageant hopes to educate individuals on different culture and heritage whilst embracing what makes us who we are as individuals. The CEO of Miss Heritage Global added that contestants can look forward to experiencing Limpopo’s indigenous culture and environment.

About Miss Heritage Global (MHG)

Miss Heritage Global (MHG) was founded on the basis of celebrating all cultures of the world and showcasing the beauty of human diversity.

It creates culture ambassadors out of beauty queens from the ages of 18 to 28 from different cultures and backgrounds, bringing them together to learn about the culture of the host country, share their own cultures with each other and the people of the host country ultimately demonstrating that we can be united despite our differences.

Not only does the organization promote unity in cultural diversity through pageantry, but it has also established its global footprint and brand across 80 countries. As a result, it has created a new generation of young women who are proud of their root, and embrace the heritage and culture of others, bringing nations together through their diversity. The Miss Heritage Global pageant brings together young women between the ages of 17 to 28 from all nations and different social backgrounds socially and to be involved in the process of initiating positive change in the world through the use of beauty pageantry to promote world heritage and tourism. The pageant is an edutainment production that not only entertains but also educates on global heritage and diversity, helping to embrace culture and diversity.

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