Can President Mnangagwa comment on his alleged order to terrorise opposition supporters ahead of elections – an open letter

Dear President Mnangagwa,

Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa said the restrictions would remain in place indefinitely because the country needed to ease strategically out of its lockdown. Photograph: EPA/Aaron Ufumeli

In a video that seems to have now been pulled down from YouTube (see attachment), a Zanu PF official is seen addressing a group of people, telling them that instructions have been sent from you and distributed country-wide to force people to vote for Zanu PF. Those who did not vote for Zanu PF would be dealt with.

This is nothing new. Several videos of that nature circulated during the run-up to the 2018 elections. One would excuse you in the past to think that overzealous Zanu PF officials were taking the law into their own hands, but in this video the official is very specific that these were instructions from you, even giving the date when the order from you was sent. This is certainly not on, Your Excellency.

The official goes on to say that all headmen suspected to be loyal to the opposition would be removed from office, a practice that has been witnessed before in Zimbabwe, with Zanu PF allegedly instructing the move. Now it is all in the public as evidence that your high office is behind these. The official also makes it clear that it was you who subverted the people’s will when the MDC-T won the elections in 2008. It was you, according to the official, who forced a re-run of the elections to retain Zanu PF rule.

A couple of months ago, Larry Mavima, a Senior Zanu PF official from Midlands Province, reportedly addressed Chiefs in Chirumanzu and pleaded with them to ensure that all headmen campaigned for Zanu PF. a chief who attended that meeting did not say whether Mr. Mavima had been sent by you to give those instructions, but it is good to let you know that those things are happening, with or without your knowledge.

Your Excellency, you must speak against this, in the same way you alleged opposition “antics” at a national gathering when Moreblessing Ali was abducted and murdered by a Zanu PF official recently. This Zanu PF official who was clearly campaigning for you and your party ahead of the 2023 elections must be arrested as it violets electoral law.

The world patiently awaits your response to this, Your Excellency.

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