ZANU PF has been in power for 42 years so let’s not pretend as if we’ve new government!

I am always flabbergasted when listening to senior government officials in their attempts at convincing the citizenry that development cannot be expected to occur overnight, as the country was being built ‘brick by brick’.

Tendai Ruben Mbofana


What the heck is that supposed to mean?

No one in Zimbabwe is expecting development to happen as if by magic or overnight.

Indeed, development in any country takes place ‘brick by brick’, one step at a time, and over a set period of time.

As such, the people of Zimbabwe obviously fully understand that fact.

However, how big a ‘house’ should have been built by now – ‘brick by brick’ – over the course of 42 years that ZANU PF has been in power?

It is extremely disturbing and disingenuous hearing those in authority sounding as if the ZANU PF regime only came into power a few years ago – therefore, needing to be given some time for them to build the country.

What are these people taking Zimbabweans for?

A bunch of idiots?

Who in this country does not know that those in power today – most particularly President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa – have been a central component of this government ever since ZANU PF came to power at independence in 1980?

Indeed, if they had been building Zimbabwe ‘brick by brick’ from the day (18 April) they commenced work – some 42 years ago – where would we be as a nation today?

Let us not play games with the suffering and impoverished people of Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa may have backstabbing and toppled his decades-long mentor, Robert Gabriel Mugabe – with the assistance of the military – only five years ago, but that cannot delete the fact that there is absolutely nothing new about his government

Unless if those in authority are telling us that we live under autocratic rule – where only man makes all the decisions, and runs everything in the country – there is no way anyone can claim that Mugabe’s ruinous policies and programs were not supported and buttressed by those who want to paint themselves as a ‘new dispensation’ today.

When the country was being willfully and systematically destroyed over the course of the past four decades – through the same looting of national resources, incompetence, and mismanagement we still witness today – where were those in charge of the so-called ‘Second Republic’ today?

Were they not a part and parcel of this misgovernance and destruction of a once proud breadbasket of African into a disgraceful basket case?

I loved what one senior Labor Party official recently said about the ‘new’ British government of Rishi Sunak – in that, the past twelve days (of his administration) were just a continuation of the past twelve years of Conservative Party misadministration.

Honestly, what solution can a nation expect from the same people who created the problem?

The only way Zimbabwe can seriously be expected to come out of the dark abyss it was callously thrown into by the ZANU PF regime, is for a completely new ruling party, and new faces, with new ideas.

If what we observe today are the results of 42 years of ZANU PF building ‘brick by brick’ – then, they have long passed their expiry dates, and outlived their uselessness to the country – since, they have undeniably failed and are now an albatross around the necks of Zimbabweans.

If 42 years of building ‘brick by brick’ has resulted in an exchange rate of ZW$800 to US$1, with an inflation rate hovering around 300 percent – then there is nothing better we can genuinely expect from this regime.

If 42 years of ‘leaving no one and no place behind’ is having over 60 percent of Zimbabwe still without access to electricity, most (if not all) rural schools lacking modern science laboratories and technologies, as well as the nearest health institutions miles away (possibly without even the most basics) – then, what can we call that?

If 42 years of endless lofty economic policies, goals and promises have led to two thirds of the population earning below the poverty datum line, and half living in extreme poverty – then, what can we seriously expect from the same people?

Trying to cover their unmitigated failures by some farcical and fallacious rebranding attempts is laughable at best, and a validation of cluelessness and hopelessness at worst.

A thief and murderer will always be the same person – even if he decided to shave off his long hair and beard, and puts on new clothes.

As such it becomes rather ridiculous listening to those telling the nation how the government has began constructing some housing complexes, dams and bridges, or rehabilitating roads, and attracting a few investors – as if they have just came into power.

What have they been doing in the past 42 years?

How many houses, dams, bridges, roads, and investors can be credited to the ZANU PF regime over the past 42 years?

In fact, which new town or city was built ever since independence?

We expect such language from a totally fresh government and ruling party – not the very same people who have presided over the ruination of a once prosperous ‘jewel of Africa’.

  • Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice advocate, writer, researcher, and social commentator. Please feel free to contact him on WhatsApp or Call: +263715667700 | +263782283975, or Calls Only: +263788897936, or email:

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