President Mnangagwa, Please stop your Zanu PF Members from torturing elderly citizens in this manner

Dear President Mnangagwa,


I hope this footage (watch the attached video carefully) of the torture of CCC members by Zanu PF officials should prompt you, Mr. President, to spring to action. It will be a good idea to do a State of the Nation Address to tell the nation that this kind of violence should be stopped. All culprits must be arrested. There are identifiable persons in that video, and the culprits should never be spared.
But Zimbabwe is aware that you condone violence by your part officials, at least in the past. Show leadership, Mr. President. Act NOW.
I have deliberately copied a few SADC Presidents so that they are witnesses to the violence by Zanu PF ahead of the elections so that SADC can intervene and call out such behaviour.
Stop the violence, Comrade President Mnangagwa.

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