Comrade President – Are you aware Daniel Garwe has, on your behalf, declared CCC supporters are unwanted in Mashonaland East?

Dear Comrade President Mnangagwa,

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa addresses the media at State House in Harare, Zimbabwe, March, 17, 2020. © 2020 AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi

While publicly you have preached peace, we are no longer convinced that you are a man of peace. You seem to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing.
The latest case I have seen is a video from Mashonaland East, where a member of your party Zanu PF officials said they did not see CCC in the province. The Zanu PF official said this was the official party position that was made at a Mashonaland East Provincial meeting presided over by Daniel Garwe. The video is attached for you to view, with the hope that you will take action against the official who spoke at the meeting, as well as Daniel Garwe who has also been linked to the violent attack of CCC activists in Murehwa a few weeks ago.
This is not the first time I have brought to your attention incidents of Zanu PF-initiated political violence. Among the incidents that I have brought to your attention before is the Gokwe incident in which another Zanu PF official addressed a meeting and said you had given instructions that all headmen who are sympathetic to the opposition should be dealt with. That video from Gokwe is also attached.
You must take responsibility for the protection of people irrespective of their political affiliation, in your capacity as President of the country. As a democratic country, Zimbabweans must be allowed to freely exercise their democratic right to elect someone of their choice, hence your Zanu PF hooligans should be stopped henceforth from terrorising people in the countryside and coercing them to vote for Zanu PF.
I have copied this letter to some regional, continental, and international leaders who I hope will be able to encourage you to lead the fight against political violence in the run-up to the 2023 elections.
Hoping that you will act like a President and punish the people who are using the name of Zanu PF and yourself to attack and kill opponents.

Kennedy Kaitano

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