Mr President, Please restrain your reckless and insulting Passion Java, he must be arrested

Dear President Mnangagwa,

Emmerson Mnangagwa

In case you have not yet seen the video of your beloved Passion Java bragging about his riches and golden jewelry, I am attaching the video for your viewing, and scorning the poorer Zimbabweans who cannot afford his luxurious lifestyle. The so-called Man-of-God is a national insult who claims he has your blessings, and proof of this claim that he has your blessings are the many photographs and videos you have taken with him at State House.
Passion Java repeats in the video words you have said before while you were Zimbabwe’s vice-President that Zanu PF controls everything: the army, the police, the courts, and the prisons among other things, so the opposition should never dream of getting power. Mr. President, you should take appropriate measures against such utterances, and put in place mechanisms to ensure a free and fair election.
If Job Sikhala has been arrested for allegedly inciting public violence, Passion Java has committed a serious crime in saying that the army, the police, the prisons, and the courts will collude to subvert the will of the people. This is a serious crime and tarnishes the image of the country.
SADC is watching, Mr. President, Africa is watching, and the world is watching. You have simply failed, and people are angry with the corruption you purport to be fighting, yet your officials in Zanu PF are very quick to attack musicians who sing about corruption, and Winky D’s song Ibotso is a case in point. Your officials are very quick to discredit the Al Jazeera documentary which exposes corruption, instead of gathering the facts and establishing the truth.
To the suffering people of Zimbabwe, I call upon you all irrespective of the party you belong to, to acknowledge the fact that our suffering has been caused by leadership that does not tolerate efforts to curb corruption when they claim to be fighting corruption. Let us go out in our millions and vote Zanu PF out.

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