What are the differences between rugby league and rugby union?

Rugby league and rugby union are two distinct sports that share a common ancestry.

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Both sports originated in England in the mid-19th century and were derived from the game of football. While there are many similarities between the two sports, there are also several key differences that set them apart. When matches of any of these two variations of rugby are played, you can enjoy online betting on them with the 1xBet platform.

Distinct ways of being played

One of the most significant differences between rugby league and rugby union is the number of players on the field. Rugby league teams consist of 13 players, while rugby union teams have 15. This difference in numbers has a significant impact on the way the game is played, as it affects both attacking and defensive strategies. Through the 1xBet live betting site you can wager on strategies that teams from both disciplines follow in order to win their matches.

Another key difference between the two sports is the way that the ball is played. Some of the most important differences that can be noticed here include:


  • in rugby league matches, all players can kick the ball at any moment;
  • rugby union matches try to emphasize possession more than passing;
  • as a result, rugby league tends to have more passes than rugby union.

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Different ways of implementing the rules

The rules governing the breakdown are also different in the two sports. In rugby league, the tackled player must release the ball immediately, and play can continue without a ruck or maul forming. In rugby union, players can contest possession of the ball on the ground, and a ruck or maul will often form around the tackled player. You can go to http://www.1xbet.com.gh/mobile to wager at any moment when these occurrences take place.

Scrums and lineouts are also key differences between the two sports. As an example, rugby union scrums involve all eight forwards from each team pushing against each other. In the case of rugby league, only six players do this. At the outstanding 1xBet platform you can also wager on those moments when players begin to push each other.

Finally, there are some differences in the way points are scored in the two sports. In rugby union, a try is worth five points, and a conversion (kick at goal) is worth two points. Penalty kicks and drop goals are also worth three points each. In rugby league, a try is worth four points, and a conversion is worth two points. Penalty kicks and drop goals are also worth two points each.


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