Chiefs and Headmen to frog march people to vote for Zanu PF: Mohadi

Zanu PF's Vice-President publicly tells his boss Mnangagwa that he has been telling Chiefs and Headmen to frog march people to vote for Zanu PF

Dear SADC,

I am pleased the SADC Electoral Advisory Council (SEAC) has been in the country for a pre-election assessment aimed at assessing if the political and security environments in the country are conducive for the holding of free, fair and transparent, credible and peaceful elections in conformity with the revised SADC Principles and Guidelines;  assess the legal framework governing the 2023 general elections; and assess the Zimbabwe Elections Commission (ZEC)’s preparedness to conduct the elections

Immediately after the conclusion of the SEAC team concluded its work, Zanu PF’s Vice-President, Kembo Mohadi, addressing a public gathering in Mhondoro, briefed President Mnangagwa that Zanu PF had mobilised Chiefs, Headmen, and Village Heads in Mhondoro to frog march and shepherd villagers to polling stations to ensure they voted for Zanu PF. A video of Kembo Mohadi making those remarks is attached to this story as evidence.

It is against the constitution and illegal for Chiefs and Headmen to take partisan political sides. The pre-election environment, therefore, does not make free, fair, transparent, credible, and peaceful elections feasible. The SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Co-operation must intervene to stop this. I encourage all election observers, local and international, and the media, to concentrate on the rural areas where this rigging tactic will be exercised to ensure that people in the countryside can vote peacefully.

President Mnangagwa must be ashamed of himself for not reprimanding this wayward behaviour by senior members of his party. What message is he sending to SADC, the African Union, the United Nations and the Commonwealth which has to give credible, free and fair elections as one of the conditions for Zimbabwe’s re-admission into the Commonwealth?

The people of Zimbabwe should now realise who their oppressors are, take revenge in the ballot box and send these oppressors packing. People of Zimbabwe, your vote is your secret. Even if they try to bribe you, take their items for fear that if you do not, you may be targeted, but vote the oppressors out.

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