Will we see heads rolling? You seem to be taking Zimbabweans for fools: An Open letter to ED

The drama never ends for you, Mr. President. Now Zimbabweans and the world are being told that the gazetting of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act you gazetted that sought to hide details of some procurement processes from the public was a fraud, just a day after the law was made public. Ok, it was a fraud by who? By the Opposition political parties, or by the countries that have imposed targeted sanctions on some mischievous individuals?

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa.(Photo: EPA-EFE / AARON UFUMELI)


Interestingly, while we are being told by Dr, Misheck Sibanda, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, the Government Spokesperson, Nick Mnangagwa had heavily defended the Act. Interestingly also, we are told now that investigations are underway to establish how the Act was gazetted without the appropriate signature. Don’t take Zimbabweans to be fools who cannot follow statements issued on official platforms by the Government spokesperson.

This is not the first time you have issued statements that have been reversed. On 9 May 2022, you unilaterally suspended banks from lending in a move ostensibly meant to contain inflation, a move that had the opposite effect as it resulted in the prices of basic commodities spiking. Was it another fraud? We never saw any heads roll. And I am sure we won’t see any heads roll again this time.

Wake up Zimbabweans, the country cannot afford such mediocre? We cannot be led by a President who unilaterally makes the wrong decisions and continues with business as usual while the citizens suffer. Never be fooled as chances are high that the ugly law which is meant to cover up for corruption will be re-introduced if you allow them to rig the elections. The President’s wife Auxilia Mnangagwa is now a self-proclaimed Medical Doctor who goes out to treat people, so the Act was actually meant to inflate the medical expenses so that the First Family could get the inflated amounts. We have already seen how Auxilia has been allowed to go with her children to meet Presidents of other countries representing Zimbabwe, and we will see more if you allow President Mnangagwa and Zanu PF to rig.

When President Mnangagwa got into power in 2017, some Zimbabweans thought he would stabilise things as he would try to create a legacy for himself as he would not be interested in monetary gains since, they claimed, he had stolen enough money for himself and his family. Little did they know that once one is corrupt, he will continue to be so for life.

Vote President Mnangagwa out of power in the 2023 elections. He has had a long run in decision-making since 1980. What is happening now are the signs of old age that we saw in the late President Mugabe when he reached 80 years. Zimbabwe now needs a younger set of brains to pull through.

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