ZANU PF’s Power Retention Mechanism

Fronts Government In Smuggling Its Chitepo School Of Ideology Syllabus Into Schools.

1. The Context.
The ZANU PF government is out smuggling and enforcing at every cost, the Chitepo School of ideological study discipline into the National School Curriculum by January 2024 at the latest. It will be a subject taught from ECD up to high school level and; no high school graduate will ever proceed to employment or Tertiary and University Education without this subject component and; without enrolling at and graduating from the Chitepo School of Ideology First.

Simply put, the Border Gezi ZANU PF skewed brain manipulation and brainwashing is coming as a ZANU PF power retention scheme by ‘catching them young.’

2. How It’s Done.
As the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is perfecting its National Vision draft, ZANU PF got wind of this and forced the Ministry officials to include article 1.1 with the question: ‘What are your expectations of the competence-based Curriculum?’ The programmed answer is E – Patriotic.

This so-called patriotism is under the Chitepo School of Ideological Study syllabus and features as the main component in this respect.
Anytime from today, and from authoritative sources (Tuesday 16 May 2023), every school across Zimbabwe is demanded to call parents and to their school and cause a meeting to be held under the pretext of a consultative research model. This patriotic (1.1E) aspect will deliberately lack details so that parents endorse blindly this article embedded in the otherwise smart Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education National Vision draft copy. Thereafter, the final draft (Blueprint) will carry every detail and ZANU PF’s WILL and; then be implemented accordingly. It will be irreversible at this stage.

School heads across the length and breadth of Zimbabwe, have already attended at least three compulsory meetings/workshops and a lot of manipulation, threats and intimidation done to force them into absolute submission and to equally endorse, accept and coerce fellow teachers, parents and students into blindly adopting the draft.

Dangers/Challenges To Zimbabwe:
-Brainwashing of citizens from a delicate age.
-Restricted movements to neighbouring countries and abroad.
-Democratic space is curtailed and so are human and people’s rights as well as freedoms of cross-pollination of views and ideas. -Communism (which some countries are running away from) is gradually creeping in under the guise of patriotism.
-Young citizens, in particular, become unemployable without this prerequisite Border Gezi qualification as is the case in Cameroon and Ivory Coast.
-The manipulated research will be a basis for the new curriculum.
-Indoctrination is rife. At this age and time, is dangerous and unacceptable totally.

Advice To Stakeholder Parents, Guardians, Teachers & Students.
While we applaud the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education regards pertinent changes it seeks to effect in the education system, we take (with a pinch of salt), every underhand dealing and indeed outside professionalism, every attempt to smuggle unwarranted partisan ZANU PF political views and content into our education system. The ruling party and State are different and must remain so in actions and deeds. Lest this post is misconstrued, we emphasise that – Patriotism in pure democracies is good and not inclined to a specific political party ideology. ZANU PF, hands off please as you belong to your Mugabe’s dangerous “guided democracy.”

In their research, closed
questions are used to evade the ZANU PF political shenanigans from being detected. But, ZANU PF yanyangira yaona.

As critical stakeholder beneficiaries therefore, we must all in and from our different sectors, outrightly reject the document in its entirety until Article 1.1 E is removed from it (or at least adjusted to wear a true national face) so that we give our children and future generations free political choices at age 18.

No to manipulative politics!
No to policies of indoctrination and;
No to the so-called Guided democracies.
Aluta continua! Zimbabwe First and for us all!

Concerned Stakeholders.
(10 May 2023).

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