Emmerson Mnangagwa – You either instigate violence behind the scenes, or you are not capable of stopping it among your people

Dear Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa,

Today I read an alarming statement in a local Zimbabwean newspaper which reported that addressing a rally recently, you ordered the police to hunt down suspected CCC activists behind an arson in the Hanke area of Shurugwi where 10 houses were burnt down. You said this despite the fact that the police had initially said the incident was not politically motivated.

Memories are still fresh to many of how you used to boast that Zanu PF controlled everything, including the army and the police. It is very clear, therefore, that police are told by Zanu PF who to arrest on framed-up charges and who not to arrest when they have committed a crime. Just a few weeks ago, your Deputy Minister had a showdown with a police officer after she instructed the police officer to drop charges against a Zanu PF official who had committed a criminal offense. For political expediency, you must have instructed the police to incriminate supporters of a rival political party and to even fabricate the story that the incident was politically motivated when the police know it wasn’t.

When you preach against violence at rallies, you always direct your warnings to the opposition, yet Zanu PF is the main culprit regarding political violence. Your supporters even go and invade venues that have been booked by other political parties just to disturb those parties without being arrested by the police. A case in point is the in which  CCC activist Tinashe Chitunge was murdered in cold blood in broad daylight by Zanu PF thugs who had invaded the venue of a CCC campaign rally that had been cleared by the police. It is important to note that the police did not arrest these hooligans when they invaded the venue but simply dispersed them. The police did not keep watch as expected, knowing fully well that Zanu PF hooligans have a record of breaking into opposition political parties’ rallies and attacking people and in some cases lives lost as happened in Kwekwe last year when Mbonani Ncube was murdered at a CCC rally.

When incidents like the Glen View murder of Tinashe happen towards a national election like this, the nation will expect you to speak out against the perpetrators and call for an immediate stop to the violence. However, you remain mum and also make statements at rallies directed to people who are usually the victims of the brutal and barbaric attacks by supporters of your party. You are an international disgrace, Mr. President.

Your behavior and actions make many people suspect that you are the one who instigates political violence, especially as many cases have been noticed when your supporters are seen on video saying they received instructions from you to kill opposition supporters. If the assumption that you instigate violence is wrong, then it will just be the case that you are just not capable of stopping your supporters’ violent behavior, in which case you are not Presidential material.

God is watching.

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