Masaiti’s Chess initiative a dream for Africa!

Bessa Masaiti is a wwell known chess player who has had an initiative to come up with a chess tournament which is a Woman International Master Title Chess tournament.

The tournament is a first of nature to be done by private partners who Are not ACC who are Africa’s biggest mother body. The tournament will be held on the 25 of September to the first of October.

The Organizers are still waiting for more funding in as far as the tournament is concerned. The flights for some people who will be officiating, the accommodation are some of the outstanding items. Botswana chess Federation Secretary General Mokwadi has also written to well wishers who can come on board to do so, so that this tournament will be a ssuccess. Players from as far as Poland have already confirmed their participation and it is only through the support of the people out there that this will be a successful one.

Mr Masaiti speaking from Botswana expressed some optimism that the tournament will be a successful one. He also urged the Corporate to come on board and support this creative initiative by the United States based Besa Masaiti who is doing her studies there and thought about this idea when she saw that Africa lacks tournaments like this. This will be a round robin tournament which will also increase the level of competition as the players will be out there fighting in pulsating games.

Dr. Francis from Botswana will be among the players and likely Zimbabwe will be sending some players in this women’s chess tournament. Promotion of Chess through the girl child taking part as they rarely have tournaments of this pedigree. This will also increase the number of Titled players in Africa and the Zone. We Need to have more WINs as well as WGMs so that the ladies will reach the pinnacle of their success. Below is an excerpt from Besa Masaiti on what her vision is about this initiative.

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