MP decries state of health facilities in Bulawayo Central

Member of Parliament for Bulawayo Central, Surrender Kapoikilu, has decried the state of health facilities in his constituency, calling for their revamp to improve services rendered to the people.

Kapoikilu said the government health facility in Bulawayo Central, United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH), is in a deplorable state and there are no adequate council clinics to service the residents.

“Our health department needs modern equipment. The infrastructure there-in is dilapidated and outdated. There are some procedures that cannot be done because we do not have adequate machinery. We need digital machinery not analogue,” he said.

Kapoikilu also said that some wards in the eastern suburbs do not have council clinics and that the existing government health facility there does not inspire much faith in the health sector.

“Some of our wards in the eastern suburbs do not have council clinics, ward 4 for example. We need council clinics built there-in. The government health facility there-in does not inspire much faith in the health sector. Of course, there is Mater Dei, but how many people can afford it? Most residents from there flood Princess Margaret, but it is far from some of the residents hence we need something close by,” he said.

Kapoikilu said that the council clinics must also have proper machinery and, if they offer maternal services, must not be referring people to hospitals.

“Council clinics must have enough machinery and manpower. There should be enough doctors to attend to the patients there 24/7. We cannot have clinics that close at the end of the business day, illnesses do not spare people because clinics are closed. So people must always have access to health facilities at any time of the day,” he said.

In addition to the health sector, Kapoikilu also said that the education facilities needs to be attended to in his constituency.

“Look at the state of education in the city. Ward 4 for example has one secondary school, Townsend Girls High. We also have challenges at Tennyson School, there are reports that it is using the school hall to accommodate about three classes. The school needs new blocks,” he said.

“Tertiary education institutions are not spared either. Students are struggling with accommodation. They are charged exorbitant prices. We need to provide more accommodation places, avail grants and loans for them to pay their fees and get accommodation. These are our future taxpayers. If we offer them resources, they can attain quality education and they will pay back the money, which will benefit the nation at large,” he said.

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