Zimbabwe makes it into top 5 most touristy countries on the African continent

Zimbabwe has garnered recognition as one of the leading destinations in Africa by World of Wanderlust


This distinguished status was bestowed upon Zimbabwe by World of Wanderlust, a renowned international travel blog. Republic is eager to garner attention and foster normal relations with the global community after an extended period of seclusion. As reported ZBC news, a partner of TV BRICS.

Zimbabwe has already started to capture attention, being hailed by World of Wanderlust as the fifth most desirable tourist destination in Africa. This surge in interest is viewed by tourism marketers as a true indication of the country’s growing popularity.

World of Wanderlust also showcases Zimbabwe’s remarkable offerings, such as captivating safaris and the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls.

Furthermore, South Africa and Eswatini have also earned places in the top ten rankings of the region. | TV BRICS, 05.11.23

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