HARARE – A hitchhiker who hijacked a motorist before forcing him to surrender a wallet containing US$5 at gunpoint has been jailed 14 years effective by a Harare magistrate.

Blessing Moyo, 38, was initially handed a 20-year jail sentence by magistrate Letwin Rwodzi before part of the prison term was set aside on condition.

He was arrested in July last year at a road accident scene deliberately caused by his victim, King Kamungeremu who was on the wheel.

As a result of the accident, Moyo got trapped inside the car.

He was found in possession of his victim’s wallet and a pellet gun he had used moments earlier to instill fear in Kamungeremu.

Moyo was charged with two counts of robbery.

Prosecutors proved that Moyo robbed Kamungeremu who had offered him a lift from Chitungwiza to Harare City Centre.

The court heard Moyo and his accomplice who is still at large, were offered a lift by Kamungeremu from St Mary’s clinic with the former sitting at the back seat.

When they got to Manyame River Bridge, his accomplice who occupied the front passenger seat drew a pistol which he pointed at Kamungeremu while ordering him to surrender his car and other valuables.

“Kamungeremu surrendered his wallet which contained US$5,” the court was told.

“The complainant was then instructed to turn left into a nearby dust road.”

In panic, Kamungeremu instead tried to drive towards Kabrit Zimbabwe National Army camp’s main gate which is manned by soldiers hoping to find some rescue.

The military camp is located along the highway linking Chitungwiza and Harare.

However, before he could even get to the army camp, Kamungeremu drove desperately against oncoming traffic in an attempt to draw the attention of fellow motorists to his predicament.

His car was hit at the back by two cars.

He then stopped the car and screamed for help from other motorists.

Moyo’s accomplice fled from the scene, leaving his colleague trapped in the car.

The court further heard that during their searches, some good Samaritans who helped Kamungeremu recover a pellet gun which the robbers had used.