Will Zanu PF stop ED’s third or extended term?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe has gifted Tatenda Chinoda with a Ford truck as a thank-you gift for his role as MC at ZANUPF election rallies in 2023.

Clinging on … President Emmerson Mnangagwa arrives to attend a church service at the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe’s Kuwadzana Circuit on March 15, 2024. Vice President Constantino Chiwenga looks on from behind

This tweet is not about this particular freebie; it is about the road to a third or extended term of office and how money is at the center of how all this will be achieved.

President Mnangagwa has made it clear that he wants to remain in office until at least 2030; his bootlickers say he should stay for another term, a THIRD TERM.

If he succeeds in running for a third term, his supporters don’t want him subjected to a presidential election; they want a constitutional change to make a president elected in parliament by parliamentarians to avoid the headache of meeting a popular opposition candidate.

In order to achieve all this, ZANUPF has mastered the art of using musicians in all its propaganda pursuits.
That is why they needed a useful idiot to distribute cars to these greedy musicians.

They found one in the convicted criminal Wicknell Chivhayo.
You see, ZANUPF is a criminal cabal.
So while you make noise about the embarrassment of a ruling party being directly associated with a criminal or how a president moves around with a criminal in his helicopter, to ZANUPF and Mnangagwa, that is comfortable terrain.

Fadzayi Mahere coined the “Tiri Kutongwa Nembavha” slogan; it best explains why Chivhayo is comfortably working inside ZANUPF!

Now those pushing for a third term are mainly the criminals and buccaneer businesses that include banks and legal firms that have benefited under Mnangagwa’s corrupt rule.

They want to continue making it rain at the expense of the whole country, and at the expense of their internal opponents inside ZANUPF.

They are prepared to throw money at this fight, but they don’t want you to know who they are, so useful idiots become ideal for this mission.

They don’t want you to know because they don’t want to be victims if all their plans fail as happened to Mugabe’s G40. Their downside is that their candidate is not a spring chicken; Mnangagwa, like Mugabe when he started his power games, is now old.

The second option is to extend his term by an extra two years to 2030; an extra two years buys time and allows more looting and business consolidation.

This they will get easily because their plan is to buy opposition parliamentarians for an extension. Unlike what many Zimbabweans wrongly say, ZANUPF doesn’t have a two-thirds majority even after the crooked Sengezo Tshabangu’s criminality with the assistance of the judiciary.

It still needs opposition parliamentarians to change the constitution; this it will get easily because many of our parliamentarians are in it for themselves.

It means an extra two years for Mnangagwa is an extra two years for them too, plus a hefty bribe like last parliament when they took US$40,000 each when hospitals had no paracetamol medication!

In all this, there is a slush fund for opposition leaders who will make silly empty noises and keep quiet.
How many opposition parliamentarians have you seen speaking out against the dishing out of cars using looted funds by a recorded convicted criminal who is now flying with the country’s president in a State-owned presidential helicopter?

They don’t want to shut the tap before their turn, and they won’t even after reading this post; stomach politics is real and strong in Zimbabwe.

So what you are seeing today is the foundation for a third or extended term, and it will all be done with money and little cohesion because we too have become a corrupt society.

That is why you see adults begging for cars on social media and congratulating the shameful recipients of your money.

The only two people who said NO are Thomas Mapfumo, who was offered a house, car, and cash money, and Shadaya!

In a country where our best Ordinary Level pass rate in 44 years is 30%, that shouldn’t surprise us.
The only people who can stop the third or extended Term are inside ZANUPF! Will they?



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