Gogo Chamisa laid to rest

Gogo Chamisa laid to rest

Gutu – Thousands of people descended on Makwiramiti village in Gutu to bury Gogo Chamisa, the mother of the MDC Alliance President, Nelson Chamisa.

Nehanda’s bones not yet risen – as she didn’t die for White Rhodesia to be replaced by Black Rhodesia!

Nehanda’s bones not yet risen – as she didn’t die for White Rhodesia to be replaced by Black Rhodesia!

Yesterday, the 7th July 2020, I took time to watch the usual post-Cabinet media briefing, beamed live on state television – whereby, several government ministers update the nation on their deliberations during meetings of the country’s executive arm, and policies adopted, thereof, in addressing Zimbabwe’s never-ending, always-intensifying, and seldom-resolved challenges – when, at the conclusion of this press conference, journalists (and, the hapless viewing population, at large) were treated to an obviously hurriedly and shoddily cobbled together short documentary on the planned erection of a statue of Zimbabwe’s gallant and valiant heroine of the 1896 – 1897 first Chimurenga/Umvukela (uprising) against White settler rule – Mbuya Nehanda Nyikasikana.

Zimbabwe’s Kariba Dam Resumes After Drought

Zimbabwe’s Kariba Dam Resumes After Drought

Zimbabwe’s main hydropower plant is operating at near-full capacity for the first time since it was revamped two years ago, enabling the country’s state utility to generate more electricity.

How Zimbabweans Welcomed Climate Migrants

How Zimbabweans Welcomed Climate Migrants

Zimbabweans who had to flee their low-lying farms because of drought are finding an unexpected welcome in the nation’s Eastern Highlands.

‘Free and fair’ Yengeni jailed for corruption

JOHANNESBURG - Tony Yengeyi, a disgraced ANC heavyweight, who most Zimbabweans would love to hate for declaring the fraudulent 2000 parliamentary elections in Zimbabwean...

SADC pushes for a customs union by 2010

JOHANNESBURG - The Southern African Development Community (SADC) is pushing for a customs union for the...

Concealing the police state

HARARE - The state-run media's attempts to conceal the extent to which Zimbabwe...

Government blamed for failure to issue licenses

HARARE - The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) has blamed the Ministry of Information and Publicity...

Letter from Home

A whole generation gone


Dear Family and Friends,

It was with a...

Letters 31-08-2006

Caught in the wilderness
EDITOR - Gideon Gono is particularly pleased with himself having openly admitted...

AIDS drugs only available to the high and mighty

HARARE - A frail-looking Tapiwa Mukondo can hardly sit up straight as he waits for his...

Public hearing on spy bill

HARARE - A public hearing on the Interception of Communications Bill was held on Wednesday by...

Word for Today

“Have mercy on me oh God. I will take refuge...

Zimbabwe plumbs the depths with police brutality towards children

How low can we go? We condemn in the strongest of terms the arrest and torture...

Currency deadline extended in rural areas

HARARE - Zimbabwe's central bank on Friday extended the deadline for citizens to hand over old...

Midzi threatens to nationalise mines

HARARE - The Zimbabwe government has said it will seize foreign-owned mines that fail to cede...

Don’t hoard cash warns Gono

HARARE - Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono has warned Zimbabweans not to stock...