Why we should we play at online casinos

Why we should we play at online casinos

If you were to look ten years ago, you’d probably be able to see the difficulties it took to find time in your hectic schedule to go to a casino to play. The times have changed, and you can experience the same thrill and excitement of casinos on your computer at home. Online betting on casinos has emerged as a huge boom, removing the difficulties and making it more straightforward for players to find their favorite casino games.

Aquaponics: Farming without soil in Zimbabwe

Aquaponics: Farming without soil in Zimbabwe

Aquaponics is a combination of fish farming (aquaculture) and hydroponics, a farming method where plants are grown without soil.

Thirteen cents an hour in Zimbabwe

Thirteen cents an hour in Zimbabwe

Dear Family and Friends,

ZEC readies for delimitation

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) yesterday held an engagement meeting with stakeholders about the delimitation set to start as soon as the results of last month’s population census start flowing in.

Zimbabweans are very united – hating a regime that impoverishes us doesn’t mean we’re divided!

Zimbabweans are very united – hating a regime that impoverishes us doesn’t mean we’re divided!

I always find statements by Zimbabwe’s ruling establishment, urging us to be united, quite mind-boggling – since, as far as I can tell, Zimbabweans are some of the most united people on a continent riddled with conflicts induced by divisions and hatred, usually fueled by tribal, religious, and political differences.

Support for 50-50 gender equality campaign(07-12-06)

LONDON - For many years, most of our mothers, sisters and grandmothers have been doormats for their husbands at home and...

Govt limits size of farms(07-12-06)

HARARE - The Zimbabwean Government has announced maximum sizes for commercial farms, and says that any...

Discontent smoulders in Zanu (PF) (07-12-06)

HARARE - The ruling Zanu (PF) party next week goes to its December annual people's conference,...

Take HIV test Mugabe told as 8 cabinet ministers live with AIDS (07-12-06)

HARARE - AIDS lobbyists have challenged President Robert Mugabe to take a public HIV test to...

Welshman gets 99-year lease(07-12-06)

HARARE - The Mutambara-led Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)'s secretary general Professor Welshman Ncube is among...

RBZ U-turn on forex agencies(07-12-06)

HARARE - The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has re-registered seven of the 16 money transfer agencies...

Succession battle hots up as Zisco scandal unfolds(07-12-06)

HARARE - In a move widely seen as retribution for blowing the whistle on the Tsholotsho...

Ndebele 07-12-2006

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SADC needs to act now (07-12-06)


A Child tries to survive by digging diamonds in...

Funds sought for Ndebele bibles (07-12-06)

BULAWAYO - Supplies of The Bible in Ndebele have completely run out in Zimbabwe. The British...

How the dream of a white wedding turned into a nightmare(07-12-06)

It had always been my dream to have a white wedding and I thought...

Attacking our dignity (07-12-06)

'There is a proverb you surely ought to know: Horses sweat, And men perspire...

Zim swimming champ’s family driven off land (07-12-06)

MUTARE - Zimbabwe's chances of getting a medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympics may have gone...