Aquaponics: Farming without soil in Zimbabwe

Aquaponics: Farming without soil in Zimbabwe

Aquaponics is a combination of fish farming (aquaculture) and hydroponics, a farming method where plants are grown without soil.

Thirteen cents an hour in Zimbabwe

Thirteen cents an hour in Zimbabwe

Dear Family and Friends,

ZEC readies for delimitation

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) yesterday held an engagement meeting with stakeholders about the delimitation set to start as soon as the results of last month’s population census start flowing in.

Zimbabweans are very united – hating a regime that impoverishes us doesn’t mean we’re divided!

Zimbabweans are very united – hating a regime that impoverishes us doesn’t mean we’re divided!

I always find statements by Zimbabwe’s ruling establishment, urging us to be united, quite mind-boggling – since, as far as I can tell, Zimbabweans are some of the most united people on a continent riddled with conflicts induced by divisions and hatred, usually fueled by tribal, religious, and political differences.

Never-before-seen photos reveal extraordinary wedge-shaped impressions and oval imprints left in a grass field by UFOs

During afamous 1994 sighting witnessed by more than 60 schoolchildren in Zimbabwe

Chinamasa sues The Zimbabwean (07-12-06)

LONDON - Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa is suing The Zimbabwean and it's editor, Wilf Mbanga, for defamation and demanding immediate payment of damages to the value...

Govt bans human rights education(07-12-06)

HARARE - The Zimbabwean government has suspended the teaching of human rights and democracy in secondary...

Relentless horror for Bikita residents(07-12-06)

BIKITA - Victims of the ruling Zanu (PF) party's growing oppression at Chikuku -...

WOZA members survive latest ordeal (07-12-2006)

CIO confiscate community radios(07-12-06)

GOKWE - Members of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ), identified by rural communities in...

Save Zimbabwe Campaign (05-12-06)

Mozambique President challenged in London (5-12-06)

Zimbabwe questions ignored at Chatham...

Price Control Prosecutions (5-12-06)

The decision last week to imprison two of the largest bakers in Zimbabwe for
6 months...

Shelves empty rapidly as Mugabe persists with price control legislation(30-11-06)

HARARE - Economists have said the National Incomes and Pricing Commission Bill, currently before Parliament, which...


The 36 WOZA/ MOZA members arrested yesterday remain in
police custody. It has emerged that there have...

Highlanders looking for big bucks (30-11-06)

BULAWAYO - Zimbabwean champions Highlanders say they will need at least Z$244 million for them to...

Anelka double hits Arsenal (30-11-06)

LONDON - Nicolas Anelka led the way as three Frenchmen scored crucial goals in the English...

Mwana Africa makes it (30-11-06)

HARARE - Less-fancied Mwana Africa edged visiting Buymore Football Club 2-1 to...