Govt adamant on child marriages

Govt adamant on child marriages

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is adamant that it has
accomplished a lot in stopping child marriages in Zimbabwe despite
some reported rising cases of the pervasive practice.

SADC must push for inclusive dialogue in Zimbabwe

SADC must push for inclusive dialogue in Zimbabwe

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, an umbrella body of civil society organisations operating in Zimbabwe, has noted pronouncements by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to the effect that Zimbabwe and the SADC region are committed to “meaningful and constructive dialogue with all relevant stakeholders with a view to consolidate the rule of law, democracy, governance and human rights”.

Communique of the residents summit held in Gweru

Communique of the residents summit held in Gweru

Residents Associations from across the country met in Gweru from 4-5 October 2021 to deliberate ways through which they can strengthen citizen

Zimbabwe ‘burning’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

Zimbabwe ‘burning’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

Amid violent attempts by Zanu PF to disrupt campaigning by opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, there are growing demands for real freedom of expression in Zimbabwe. The American Bar Association Centre for Human Rights accused President Mnangagwa of ‘abusing the criminal justice system to persecute government critics’ and called for the repeal of repressive laws.

Musengezi Who Challenged Mnangagwa’s Presidency Is NOT A Lone Wolf – Magaisa

Musengezi Who Challenged Mnangagwa’s Presidency Is NOT A Lone Wolf – Magaisa

Alex Tawanda Magaisa, a former Chief of Staff in the office of the late former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai, has said the man who challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidency is not working alone.

Students re-group

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Zimbos beware

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US policy – renewed engagement

EDITOR - Over the past five years the United States policy toward Zimbabwe has remained principled...

Our only hope

In this week's issue we carry a story about thousands of disgruntled policemen and solders trying...

Goodbye to fertilizer

And now the government has turned its attention to the production of fertilizer. Goodbye to fertilizer....

Zimbabwe’s hide and seek with the IMF

In this, the first of a series by PATRICK BOND, he examines the root causes of...

Zimbabwe’s recovery slim

HARARE - Prospects of sustainable recovery in Zimbabwe appear dimmer than ever before as a bewildering...

Government nationalises fertiliser companies

HARARE - The government has announced plans to nationalise the country's three fertiliser companies. Sable Chemicals,...

A Seed of Hope (Continued)

BY MASIMBA MANYONGA As soon as X hits the city of Bulawayo, he is flabbergasted. Everywhere he...

Book Review

BY CHIKWAPURO Title: Hoardings of the heart Author: Kim McClenaghan Published: The Book Guild Ltd. ...

New release highlights plight of Zims in SA

BY MAGUGU NYATHI JOHANNESBURG - After a decade of failing to record their music the Abangqobi Bomhlaba...

3 000 soldiers, policemen want to quit

BULAWAYO - More than 3 000 disgruntled junior ranking soldiers and police officers have applied to...

Hope for Aids Orphans

By MARTINE STEMERICK 2005 was not an easy year for most Zimbabweans. For orphans, the obstacles...