Jiti music revived

Bruce Mpofu (30), son to the late master of jiti music, Paul Mpofu of Zambuko Band, revived his fathers band and legacy, to keep jiti music alive.

Although the country has an abundance of music talent, the jiti music vacuum created by the departure of Mpofu in 2002, was hugely felt by his fans. Following pressure from fans and missing the music, which swept the country like veld fire, Bruce had no option, but to pick up the pieces from where his father left them and bring together Zambuko Band.

Although I could not assemble the original band left by my father, I managed to woo back the lead guitarist, one Jokonia. I scouted for talent to fill up gaps left by other band members. We are set to release an album, Mabasakuwanda. Fans who had forgotten Zambuko jiti music, will be taken by surprise, he said. Bruce said musical shows conducted by the band, attracted capacity crowds. Fans clamoured for songs released by his father. Hit songs Murambinda and Shava mutekedza, sent fans wild during his fathers shows.

I could have revived the band long back. Members of my fathers family had squabbles over band instruments, as they wanted them shared as part of his estate. I had lost interest in music and wanted to do something different. Some of the instruments were destroyed due to neglect. Now I have to hire some instruments for shows. I sometimes hold joint shows with Innocent Mujintu, Sulumani Chimbetu and getting other assistants from Moses Rwizi of Kanindo.

Mega One, also hosted a sons of musicians show, which helped advertise and promote upcoming musicians like him.

I call upon the promoter to continue assisting us in this regard, he said. Music promoters, who used to promote my father, may assist Zambuko Band by extending the generous promotion to us. Promoters must not cast eyes on big artists alone at the expense of upcoming musicians. We need their support. Bruce has promised jiti fans the best. He said like his father, he will release quality albums every year.

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