Kuwait set free human trafficked Zimbabwean Women & punish perpetrators

Please take action against human trafficking which is modern day slavery! This petition is about the sexual enslavement and labor exploitation of Zimbabwean women in the Gulf state of Kuwait. Kuwait embassy and immigration officials are involved in human trafficking of Zimbabwean women.

Police in Zimbabwe block protesters demanding the return of women stranded in Kuwait. (Photo: Mavis Gama)

Police in Zimbabwe block protesters demanding the return of women stranded in Kuwait. (Photo: Mavis Gama)

More than 200 women have been sent to Kuwait under the disguise of better job opportunity. Upon arrival in Kuwait their passports and cell phones were seized and the women were used as sex slaves and for domestic servitude. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

This trafficking of vulnerable women to Kuwait reminds Africans about the Arab slave trade of 19th-century which exported 28 million Africans to Muslim Middle East and 11 million to Christian western world.

Approximately 60 women have returned through the help of Zimbabwean embassy, NGOs, and individuals. More women are still gagged in Kuwait. In Zimbabwe the perpetrators including Kuwaiti embassy official have been arrested. But in Kuwait no single suspect has been arrested. Kuwait must arrest the perpetrators of this human trafficking.

One Zimbabwean woman related how she was raped and forced to sleep with 5 to 10 men a day in order to compensate the money her new boss or oppressor paid to traffickers. The story link: CLICK HERE

Human trafficking is a serious violation of human rights and subversion of societal values. Kuwait must be held accountable before the International Court of Justice if it refuses to arrest or punish the perpetrators.



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